Trying to find the right wire

Hi so I’m seriously considering upgrading to separates since system automation should make it as simple to use as my current atom. Been looking at the 200dr to go with either a second hand 202 or 282 with a nd5 xs2 (I can always add a dac later assuming it wouldn’t mess with the system automation). Had a weird issue (I admit I could be confused cables really confuse me) see my first step would be to add the 200 dr to the atom for a bit but I honestly can’t find the right cable, if i’m looking for the right thing- is it rca to 4 pin din? Can find 5 pin but no 4 pin so maybe its me being an idiot and misunderstanding the manual symbols.

You’re right, you need a 2xRCA to DIN4 cable to connect the Atom to the 200DR

See the FAQ here


Well its a relief to know I at least have the right cable. I keep finding it the wrong way round lol assume its directional

Well it can be used both ways, so you could use it with a Naim preamp with a DIN4 output to a power amp with RCA sockets or a pre amp with RCA outputs into a Naim power amp. The DIN4 plug end is wired the same in both cases.

Just be careful that it is specifically wired for Naim. The 200 can supply 24v via its DIN socket so this pin is left disconnected on a Naim wired DIN to RCA cable.


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System automation is a good way to get volume control via your streamer app/remote, although it’s not as slick as the built in control on the all-in-one devices.

The ND5XS2 is just about OK with a 202 but really not up to 282 level, I would be looking at either an NDX2 or a DAC upgrade for the ND5. System automation will still work.

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Looks like that won’t work with the atom unfortunately i’ll have to try to keep looking or have a deep think about what to do, really didn’t think the cable would be this difficult really wish atom had a din connection to make it easier to use as a streamer/preamp

Why won’t it work ?

You just use the 2xRCA to DIN4 cable from the Atom pre out sockets to the input socket on the 200.

think I may be getting confused I honestly can’t find a 2xrca to din 4 cable, so is a din 4 to 2xrca the same? How do I tell if its the right spec. Also keep finding 2xrca to din 5pin (so close yet so far)

I just had a look on a UK cable seller site and found a Chord Clearway which has a configuration option of 2xRCA to DIN4. Any Naim dealer should be able to source what you need.

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The cable shown in James’ post above is the Naim one. Both it and the Chord variants will be marked for a preferred direction but can be used either way in a pinch.


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