Trying to get going with a ND5 XS 2

As some will know from the ND5, HiFi News review thread, of which I sincerely apologise for, especially to Daniel, as I should of started my own thread long ago, but have been totally consumed by confusion (and dazed by the purchase of a ND5 XS2), that i’m having difficulty getting up and running. Yes, I know should have the dealer around here to sort things out, but i’m a little stubborn like a lot of folk can be and sometimes a ‘pig headed’ to swallow such pride and well; just an old goat, if i’m honest… Even if I don’t understand something that much and learn the hard way, I still put myself through it…:joy:

At the moment I need something to control the player with. I have old iPad 2 which I bought off a passing work colleague last summer, this is looking like a dead duck and will render it useless.

I have a QNAP TS-253a NAS with all my music ripped as FLAC onto 3TB drives. I have managed to rip & sort metadata via dBpoweramp onto my laptop and then send to NAS (I’ve had a few hiccups along the way but everything fine now) Also, a lot of that music is backed up onto my 1TB laptop, not all but most. I also have Asset Control on the laptop (premium status)

Can you guys advise me on what tablet will be best suited for this set up?

IOS or Android?

I believe that this is the last piece of the puzzle for me to run ND5 XS 2.

Many thanks

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Your iPad needs to run iOS version 9.3.5 or later to run the Naim app. Is it up to date? If not, just update the firmware and use what you’ve got. Otherwise, I would still stick with an iPad rather than Android.

Your best bet is an iPad, a new one is £319. You then won’t have any problems with a previous owners ID being required, as I noted in the other thread, without it your current iPad is useless and you won’t get it to activate. For me the iPad is the simplest and most effective way of controlling my NDX2, it works well if you use the Naim app, Roon or other method of controlling the streamer.

I use your iPad 2 32gb for now. It’s fine for now, fidatiiiiiii, but you need to update ios.

Hi Stephen
I was part of your earlier part of the other thread.

I think the fact you don’t have the Apple ID which has been used for activation lock on your ipad2 is a total showstopper.

It’s a fact that the Naim IOS app is more advanced and more stable than the Naim android app, so you will probably get a better experience if you go for the IPad. You don’t need to buy an expensive one. Buying new does future proof it, And you could choose the cheapest WiFi only model from Apple’s current production.

An ipad2 is very old now and although it does run the right IOS software for you to use the Naim app, that could change next time Naim do a big upgrade of their app. So I should consign that ipad2 to the dustbin of experience and forget about it.

It really is simple to use a touch screen on an iPad. Once you have got the hang of it, which will take you no time at all, you will love it.


If I have to buy iPad air or the new mini in the future

Stephen, I’ve used both Android and IOS devices the IOS device is much better stick with it if you can.

Trust you get your new streamer up and running shortly enjoy when you do.

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Ok. It does seem that most here rate IOS over Android, I trust you guys on here very much, you have always offered first class advice. So; if i walked into Argos right now and bought a brand new iPad and took it home, registered myself, updated it, setup new ID/Password, this will be sufficient and without the problems I have experienced with the second hand one. Then I can look forward to setting everything up and get listening or rather streaming to my music?

Ok, i’ll be back, at least I can take it back if I get no joy…

If you do everything as you say and Argos has one in stock you shouldn’t have any problems and in no time you will be enjoying music through your new ND5 XS2.

That sounds promising. Thanks John, i’m off to buy a new iPad.


As you go through the iPad setup, it will guide you.

From app naim then enters Tidal and go with what you want to hear

…and then Roon…it never stops!


Hi @Stephen_Tate
I have just purchased a ND5XS2 to run with my new SN2 and its sounds amazing.
Like you I run some music from my QNAP TS-251+ and it works like a dream
My ipad mini works fine, its an old one but will run the Naim APP / TIDAL / ROON with no issues. However I did try and run my wife’s ipad Mini and unfortunately will not run even with up-to-date iOS.
The ipad is a great way of controlling my world…go for it !!


Well ; how about that…I have bought a brand new Apple 2018 iPad and I have exactly the problem - I CAN@T GET IN THE BLOODY THING!!!:hot_face:

Have you set up a new Apple ID or are you trying to use an old one?

Will be back - i’m speaking to Apple advisor now

Right; my account is on lockdown for eight hours - nothing they can do until the lockdown is up. There has been too many attempts by myself and the advisor earlier also tried a few things which has caused the lock down. I have been assured that I will be up and running by 5:30pm. Ho hum…CD it is then…I’m losing the will to live.

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Do you know what is causing this?

sometimes the account/ password can be a nightmare. I had once with paypal.