Trying to get going with a ND5 XS 2

why don’t you create a new apple id now, with your new ipad. you can create a second email account and it will be your new apple id.

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Once it’s up and running it will have been worth the wait

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Ok, yes i’m not going to do anything until the advisor calls me back. Quite a nice chap on the phone and really understood my frustration, 100% assured me that i will be up and running this evening.


good to hear that Stephen. I will impatient to read your feedback soon, on the ndxs2 streamer sound.

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Just to add to the confusion, you have your PC keyboard set to US not UK. Shift & 2 should give you a double quote on UK setting, @ is US.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

The Apostrophe is under @ - slip of the middle finger.

I have updated to IOS 12.2 - I take it that this is well within the requirements .

Definitely, that’s the latest IOS version and will work fine.

Sorry to hear you are having a bit of grief Stephen. I’m sure you’ll be sorted out soon and initial frustrations will soon be forgotten once you get some tunes playing.


Good luck with your new iPad Stephen! I know you will get this sorted. Once sorted, I am sure you will enjoy your ND5 XS2.

Guess what folks - after spending £320 on a new iPad, waited 8 hours for my account to un-lock (which was a waste of time) - just had another hour on the phone with an advisor - created a brand new icloud account - got in - And i STILL CANNOT DOWNLOAD the BLOODY APPP!!!

I truly GIVE UP - I have had enough!!

why you can’t download? it’s incredible!

Why can’t you download the app? What happens? You need to create an account for the app store. I don’t think an icloud account allows you to download apps.

It’s not letting me accept the terms & conditions - this is a truly awful experience!!!

I think you need to scroll to the end of them in order to accept them.

i feel we will have a very long thread now. Some tea Stephen perhaps? The last, on the old forum, was a 40 pages thread on the choice and installation of a nas. It’s the chapter 2 now.
No offense Stephen, we will help you.
I remember when i bought my naim unitserve. What a hell it was!

As HH says it should work if you scroll to the end.

I have lost all interest - the streamer is still in it’s box and that’s where it’s staying - I didn’t get a receipt anyway, even though they said they would e-mail one. Utterly p***ed oFF

Sorry to hear that Stephen. Maybe someone can come over and help you set up the iPad. Once that is done, it is very easy to control the ND5 XS2 with the Naim app. Best of luck. Regards.

Take a deep breath count to ten & calm down. As said above, scroll to the end of the T&C & then Apple will see that you’ve done that (thats the system believing you have read it all)
After that just read, read again & understand what its asking for Password is different from Pass Code. Then you can get the app.

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