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Hi all

I’ve just joined the forum so wanted to say hello and to wish everyone well.

I did search but wasn’t able to find anything so thought I’d ask a question about matching a turntable to my Nova.

I’ve been a Naim owner for a number of years and last had a turntable 20 years ago. It was a Systemdek IIX/Tabriz/1042, feeding a Nait 3 and ProAc Studio 125’s. I thought it was broadly on par with my CD5 so was a great system.

Having since had children I’ve gone down the 1 box route but am now yearning for a turntable again. I understand the digital aspects of the Nova but this doesn’t bother me greatly. What I would like, however, is a turntable that’s broadly on par with the streaming capability. It’d be temping to buy a cracking turntable but don’t want it to overshadow the streamer. However, I’m at a loss at gauging the level of an equivalent turntable. And that’s without thinking about a phono stage!

As you can see from my profile, I’m an oddball :wink: As such I’m a fan of the Gyrodeck but would also consider a 1210GR. Anything goes really.

All advice appreciated


It wont be long before you are flooded with posts extolling the virtues of an LP12 or something from Rega.:joy::joy:
If I had to choose, I’d go for the Techy every time.

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As I said, I’m an oddball so the Linn or Rega is far too regular :joy::joy:

Glad I’m not the only fan of Technics :joy::joy:

I have a 1200Mk2. Extensively modded but it works and sounds great to me so I would recommend them all day long. Not heard the newer ones but have no reason to see why they shouldn’t be as good or better.

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Always follow your heart, as enjoying music is an emotional experience.

Technics 1200 series it is then!

Best regards, BF


The 1200 looks great so is definitely a contender. I’ve been out of the loop for some time so wasn’t aware there were modifications available.

The thing that’s got me back into turntables is a friend that I’m helping with a £1000 system. Before lockdown I booked an audition for her and we unintentionally ended up listening to a Rega Planar 8 with Apheta. It was only feeding a Rega IO and MA budget bookshelf speakers but it sounded phenomenal.

I almost bought it myself :joy: but thought I’d do some homework. Reading some post here, the Planar 6 has been paired with a Nova so perhaps £2500 on a P8 is overkill.

I just don’t want to buy something and to stop streaming as the vinyl sounds aeons better.

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You could also look at Clearaudio, some of the Concepts come with built in phono stage, there is at least one user on this forum has a Concept matched to the Nova

Gyrodec SE is really very good. Eye candy too.


Another Michell Gyrodec fan here, preferably partnered with the Michell Tecnoarm - and as billywindsock points out, it lookes every bit as good as it sounds.


I am super happy with my Technics SL-1210GR complimenting my Nova, from both sound quality and design perspective (just struggling to find the right phono stage).

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I agree that the Gyrodec looks fantastic. It really does stand out as a timeless design.

But the 1210GR is a classic in a different way and tugs at my old DJ days.

I have to say that the Clearaudio Concept is an interesting option due to the option of an onboard phono stage and fewer boxes. My local dealer stocks the VPI Player, which is similar but cheaper.

As usual, too many options :joy::joy:


What are you running at the moment with the 1210GR? Have you tried the Stageline or have you gone for an alternative?

I have just re-entered the vinyl world after nearly 30 years. In the past I had owned (in chronological order) Pioneer, Thorens, Linn and Roksan TTs. I was tempted to try a Rega, but decided to buy a 2nd hand LP12. I am now pleased to rediscover my vinyl collection. My advice would be to find a good dealer; I went on a 250 mile round trip to collect it.

How can we have a TT thread without pictures?

This is what you want. Gyro SE, RB330 arm with michell counterweight and a reasonable priced MC cartridge. Job done!


OK, so I have also got these 3 sat underneath also.

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Now that’s just rude :joy::joy:

Beautiful TT by the way. There really isn’t anything like it IMHO. I thought the Rega Planar 8 sounded great but it looks very ordinary beside one of these.

My dealer stocks Michell so is very tempting. I quite like the black/gold but that’s such a classic look.

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My favourite looking turntable of all …

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While I love my Techy, the Gyrodec is a looker.

I have to say the gold weights will drift in and out of fashion. Perhaps like flutes on LP12 plinths.
I was tempted by the all black version, until I saw it. I see that michell do custom colours now. That would be a brave move!

They are a very simple machine. Setting up is easy. I can’t see what there is to maintain. Maybe I’ll discover in 20 years time.

Glad to see michell have move to new premises.

I once bought a Gyrodec, purely on the basis of its looks. And to that end, I was having none of this SE “spider” nonsense, it was a full fat original acrylic base and lid or nothing. And I have to say, it did look stunning. I was in love… with its looks.

Initially I ran it with an RB300 tonearm and ISO phono stage. Only problem was that it never quite hit the spot sound-wise. I was always upgrading it; first the platter, then the tonearm, then the power supply to a QC, then back to Michell for the full Orbe treatment. I tweaked and twiddled, became a dab hand at setting it up just so. It was in many ways a great deck and at this point it really did perform well, especially on my extensive collection of golden age classical vinyl, but it never quite captured me in the way that some other decks have done, especially with jazz and more upbeat music, so in the end I sold it and went back to my old LP12 (but this time Armageddoned).

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