Turntable fans... Look here

Maglev turntable


Old news crap gimmick. :roll_eyes:
The arm is still susceptible to footfall and vibration. :-1:t2:


Has anyone here given a Mag-lev turntable a proper listen?

At 5000 euros it’s a bit of a gamble!

At last vinyl has entered 21st century.
Super Cool.

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It flies in the face of all conventional wisdom regarding turntables.

More like “proper engineering” than “conventional wisdom”. This is a terrible way to play records, which is why you only see them surfacing on random forum threads every few years as someone “discovers” them.

Why is it so terrible?
In fact, spinning a plastic disc liable to warping, scratches, dust, etc. is a terrible way to listen to music in the first place. :grin::notes:


This thing must have been out 10 years by now? I seem to remember it being a kickstarter.

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Can probably be used for something, but for playing vinyl it’s pure crap…:unamused:

No need to add more issues to it.

How much despise for a magnetically suspended platter… Oops, I can’t remember how the Solstice is kept floating.

Please don’t post commercial links. thanks.

The one shown looks like a gimmick but with the right mass and damping where it counts I wonder if the idea could be made to work. The direct link between bearing and arm is only one way of doing it but there are decks with free standing arm pods that seem to gain fans too.

Right - that resounding success of a turntable. :slight_smile:

Pretty sure you don’t end up with variable spindle to pivot distance on a Solstice when playing, though (just one issue of this one).

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So the reason why the Solstice wasn’t a success is because its inner platter was magnetically suspended?

That’s a bit of a weird conclusion.

The Solstice still has a fixed Spindle to Pivot distance and only the vertical mass is repel magnetised to ease load on the bearing.
This Maglev effort is all over the place disjointed. :scream:

I’d describe as a magic carpet ride with potential turbulence given the height elevated.

Sorry, you mentioned its modest success in the context of my reference to magnetic suspended platters.