Turntable light

Does anybody use a light for their turntable? Like a little goose neck type? I’m looking for something small, that isn’t too bright, and doesn’t generate any noise. I’m thinking something like this iGoober amber book light.

Sometimes I like to listen in the dark and don’t want to turn on a bigger lamp. Also it might be nice to have a glowing ambiance to the turntable. I might also want to change the color to green :neutral_face:


I’m sure a reading light like that would do the job fine if you can find something suitable to attach it to. I would be a little wary of the level of RFI it might produce, especially near a turntable. I’ve tested a wide variety of mains powered LED lights, and most of them produce high levels of RFI which I would want to keep well away from my HiFi sources. Maybe worth buying one online so that you can test it, and return it if there are any issues.

I have a couple of “little-lites “ I’ve seen them used a lot in Studios

The one that was linked is rechargeable. (The commercial link managed to survive a long time by they way, unusual on the forum)

I use this. Its OK, mains powered and variable white light or warm tones. I’d be interested in a rechargeable with no mains connection.

I tried a small (tiny) battery one but drained far too quickly.

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Years and years and years ago a tried a light…it generated too much heat and warped records!

Any that you can buy today should be LED, so not an issue

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Yes, I realise that, although even battery powered LEDs can emit RFI. Probably not much, but the very low level signal from a turnable/cartridge will be about the most sensitive bit of HiFi there is.

That’s what I’m concerned about - noise. Any kind of dimming can introduce noise. I could just buy it and try. It’s only like $13. Just mount it on the opposite side of the cartridge. I might remove some leds and then run it in full bright mode too.

At that price I guess you don’t have much to lose, and if it’s really bad you could always return it. It’s true that switching to a lower brightness is more likely to generate switching noise, so it may well be OK on full output.

I’ve got one of these bendable stork battery lights, which is clipped to a nearby shelf - ~£10. Charges via USB.

Very good IMV. Various settings.

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This one looks pretty nice !

MArco :cowboy_hat_face:

That’s the one I tried - it’s very cute. But the small cells don’t last beyond two/ three sessions, when it becomes a bit too dim to be practical.

Good to know, I was about to buy it.
MArco :cowboy_hat_face:

Available on Amazon?

This could be what I’m looking for.

Edit/ found something similar. Interesting. The neck is a little short on the one I’ve found… I’ll keep looking.

As shown here (just about!) - the length of the stem & light unit is 22cm.

From Amazon but the listing is now legacy - ‘clip on reading light’

Better image:

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I’d been thinking along the lines of getting a Tizio desk light but now the way my racks are looking like shaping up it would have to sit on top of the CD player and I’m not sure that would be a good idea

I got one of these. It’s dimmable and also choose the type of white light. Check my system pics for an idea of size.

Here is the one I use. Got this one from IKEA a while back, maybe £10 or £12 ish, but think a version is still available, in black or white. (Just keep we’ll away from the sensitive bits of your TT and will work a treat).

Also, you can get similar albeit smaller ones that work from a USB port, (which can be connected from front of other bits of Naim HiFi, I have an n-DAC close by, with a USB port on the front) or from my laptop which is sometimes put nearby.

I have left mine on top of the TT for you to see :wink:

Found the second item. Here it is…

ikea jansjoe-led-usb-lamp-black