Turntable Poll

Turntable Poll
  • Linn LP12 with Linn Arm, Linn Cartridge and Linn Phono Stage.
  • Rega turntable with Rega Arm, Rega Cartridge and Rega Phono Stage.
  • Any other turntable with any arm, any cartridge and any phono stage.

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Roksan, Ortofon, Roksan

Aah ok. I have Linn turntable,Linn arm, Linn phonostage but dynavector dvxx2 cartridge. Preferred it to Krystal when I auditioned.

Rega Rp10/ Lyra Delos / Ear yoshino 912

Roksan TMS, Roksan Artemiz, Roksan Shiraz (modified), Vertere Phono 1.

Gyro se, rb330, ACE micro. Into Trichird hird Diablo.

Manticore mantra, RB200 arm

What is one to do if one has a Rega turntable with Ortofon cartridge into a Naim phono stage? I feel excluded.

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You’ll have to join the rest of the rabble in any other.

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Clearaudio with Graham Slee

More seductive than Rachel Riley in a negligee at midnight …


The rabble category states any other turntable, so not Linn or Rega. I am disenfranchised. A non being. Unwanted. Unloved.


Nigel, you are not alone! My LP12 appears to have all the wrong bits fitted to qualify for this poll, unless I’d settle for Any other - not happening!!


rega planar 2, goldring 1042, stageline.

I also have a Rega TT /RB 301 with Rega TTPSU and A&R cartridge powered by a Naim 12/120 combo.
Load of balls this poll!:roll_eyes:

Rega TT, Rega Arm, Audio Technica Cart, Trichord Phono Stage.


B&O TX2 with MMC4, 30+ years old and ideal for my 70/80s vinyl collection.

LP12,Javelin top,DV Xv1-s, Allnic H-7000
Dohmann Helix 2, Schroeder CB, Art 1000, Whest MC Ref V
Lyra Etna SL currently on the mend…

Gyro SE, Nima, DV20X2L, Dynavector P75 mk4.

Think the options are not inclusive enough
A lot of us have LP12 that’s probably the most common TT here but many of us now have non linn components, a lot of us have gone beyond the Linn cartridges as we have with Linn & Naim Phonostages