Turntable Poll

I don’t think this poll really covers the choices. What if you have a Rega or LP12 with a non Linn or Rega cartridge? The third choice of ‘Other turntable’ isn’t correct either…

I think the choices are weirdly detailed, but the amount of them is weirdly limited.

What will this data tell you?



Linn everything except the Naim phonostage, so stateless too.

We need to declare UDI for ‘Everything But The…Land’

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Mine also doesn’t fit any of the categories listed on the poll.
For info it’s a Linn LP12, Linn Ekos 1.5 arm and Hana SL cartridge.
No separate phono stage for me; straight into the boards on a NAC72.


SOTA Sapphire, Alphason HR100s, old Ortofon X5MC waiting to be replaced by Decca Super Gold once again.

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Alphason Sonata/HR100MCS/Benz LP-S Nagra BPS phono stage. Systemdek IIX/NAIT2 & Belles phono with HR100S s and misc. Dynavector, Denon and Shure (MONO) carts!

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The ID number on the arm was originally given to an Ekos Mk 1. When the arm bearings developed a fault early in its life, it was returned to Linn for repair. My understanding (from the Linn dealership that sold it to me) is that, rather than carry out costly repairs to the bearings, Linn were known to simply replace units with a new Mk 2, but they retained the original ID number.

IIRC I subsequently saw this ‘classification’ used by Peter Swain for another Ekos which had been similarly treated.

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The pedant in me wonders – is this a poll for a recommendation? What we own? In any event the limited nature of the choices introduce issues as well.

What are you trying to learn and perhaps the responses will become more meaningful.

I learned that full-Rega owners are less likely to have an avatar picture than full-Linn owners :thinking:

Great decks!:sunglasses:

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Sweet FA!:sunglasses:

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But we already have a Show Us Your Turntable thread. Perhaps the OP can share what insight they are attempting to get from this poll? The poll is of a fairly brand preference biased forum.

Interesting bit is that the OP - check profile - does not own either. Was he bored? Drunk? Both?

Oh I’d like to give the OP the benefit of the doubt. Until shown otherwise, I choose to believe there is a point being made. I just have no idea what that might be yet.

I suspect if you did the exact same 3 way poll and asked “What digital source do you have? Naim, Chord, or Other?” the result would be the same. 50% would have something else spread of 50 brands, and the remainder would be 25% Naim, 25% Chord.

There is most definitely a bit of groupthink in the forum around source, amps, and turntables. Perhaps lesser so with speakers.

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I get what you mean. Just don’t mention SL2s.:sunglasses:

Maybe less so, but there are lots of good speaker brands that do not feature at all (often non-UK) or rarely (even UK like MA), and on the other hand there is e.g. Kudos

Just to be slightly contrary -
Linn lp-12 (near akurate level)
Linn Ekos arm
Linn Krystal cartridge
Rega aura phono- stage
into 282 hcdr/250 dr harbeth M30.1

Most of the turntable talk is of Rega lately and Linn is the historical match for Naim but maybe just putting the deck in the poll would work better.

I doubt there are many Rega decks without a Rega arm but even there, there is room to stray on the cartridge.

What’s a Linn these days with so many aftermarket parts around.

My decks are

Artemis SA-1 Turntable, Schröder Reference arm and Otofon SPU Royal N into superline/Supercap
and Townshend Rock mk 2 with Aro and Decca Maroon mono into stagelline N from 552 aux power.