Turntable stand for linn lp12

im searching for a turntable stand for a linn lp12, what are the favourites.

200 pages later, you’ll be sorry you ever asked.


Full Fraim!
Next question…:grin:


Sorted!! (Not mine I hasten to add)



Cheap - Sound Organisation stand
Medium- Mana or Target stand/ wall mount depending on floor construction
Expensive - fraim lite
Even more expensive fraim full fat

Plus about a million other options- I’ve tried to distil it down for ease based on my personal experiences- I have a fraim lite for info.

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ive seen the sound org one and the old target tt2, but not seeing em for sale anywhere, this is what im after. oh yeah there is a target one on a famous selling site but its a little expensive considering its age. not going to go down the frame route.

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I built my own before I bought my Fraim.
Piece of Beech Kitchen Worktop on Heavy Duty tensioned brackets with a 10mm Latex Sandwich between the shelf and bracket to prevent any vibration and using Maple batons on the wall to ensure a secure/stable support.
Worked really well and sounded very nice.
Picture below…


What’s your floor? If you have floorboards you want to get a wall shelf. If you have a concrere floor then a rack such as a Fraim will be okay.

I had my LP12 on a Full Fraim but as I have a timber floor as I walked across the room the needle would bounce on occasions.

I currently have a nice timber turntable shelf for my LP12 but it’s not ideal as the wood has started to bow slightly under the weight.

You are best off with a metal shelf. I have one of these on my son’s system.


Naim Fraim

I have (nine) purpose-built aluminium shelves on brackets on the inside of an external wall.

nice turntable, I still have my 160b with an some 3009 on a shelf awaiting a new cartridge, I have floor boards in an old victorian house and although my current deck is on a Rega wall bracket I did try just on a floor based rack and it sounded better, no probs with stylus jumping as I was sat listeneing when tues were on etc. so im looking at a floor based stand, light and rigid.

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My house I believe is a floating floor, so chipboard on top of insulation which is worse than floorboards. I had a few parties and dancing around the LP12 and the needle was jumping. So changed to wall shelves!

Is that an old Thorens deck? (My first ever serious deck was a Thorens TD160S, with a Mission arm.)

I wish now that I had kept it - not to compete with the LP12 that I’ve had for over 30 years, but just because it was such a nice thing to have.


It really depends on what you hope to achieve. If you look through the “systems” thread, and the “show us your sondek lp12” thread, you will see many many solutions. Find something you like the look of and ask the poster what they think of it.

Mine has always been on full fat Fraim. It sounds great but maybe it would also sound great on a sideboard. I also understand the IKEA Lack table was very good.


Is that for the whole system Graham, or the equivalent of a Mana Stage 9? I’m struggling to work out why 9 shelves, so it’s genuine curiosity.

Oh dear, oh dear! Earthquake proof perhaps?

Nine shelves, Eoin (three racks of three), which have on them:

Linn LP12

AV-1 processor
NAC 52


There’s also a STAX SRM 707 headphone amp on a small shelf below the main section (so that counts maybe as a tenth shelf.)

I think that’s the lot, but I haven’t been home for over a year now.

Hoping to get back soon, for all sorts of reasons.


Very nice Graham, I really hope you get back to it soon.

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Hi Graham, it is a TD160. My 14 year old son loves it with the Nait 3. Nice with Naca5 and Rega Ela speakers . Marantz CD41.