Turntable upgrade @Maslakoff

Hi Maslakoff, I’m trying to find out your results with the TT upgrade you were trying to achieve, Nait XS 2? Thanks, SgtRock04/Dean

@SgtRock04 I think you need to put the @Maslakoff in the message not only in the the header to get his attention…

Ok Thanks

What is your budget?

$3000. CDN but that is total, Table, Tonearm & cartridge.

In that case I’d look at a Rega Planar 6 with Ania and a Fono MC phono stage, with a Rega wall shelf.

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rega rp8 apheta second hand, less than 2k:

What? Where?

you had to search SR. But there are many now on the market because rega produces now the new rega rp8. So second hand or demo rp8 to be sold.

The new rega planar 8 with apheta 2 costs around 3 k. 90% of the sound quality of the p10. I have the p8.

the new one:

Sorry, SR? I’m in :canada: Canada, not sure what that is

I wrote SR for SgtRock04. Sorry, just to write quickly your avatar…or SR04 if you prefer?

Yes I hope Sargent Rock is going to help you …you’ll be in Xtc

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You like the Rega P8 too? Would it matter what type of music I listen to?

i like it very much. With a good cart and phono stage, it’s a great performer. Very difficult to find better at this price.
I listen to jazz, soul, funk, modern jazz and some rock.
The new one is nicer and perhaps a little bit better, but for more than 1k vs a second hand rp8 one.
It deserves a very good cart and phono. On the p6 , you are limited buy the cart ( for the tonearm). The p6 is really on a lesser league also.

I also use a new P8 with apheta 2 cart and it really is a bargain at under 2.5k
It out performs any commonly available deck at that price by miles…

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i agree with you. I have not heard all but some in this price category: kuzma stabi s, clearaudio concept, linn magik, vpi scout.
For visual look i would go for Vpi or Kuzma. But definitely rp8 for the sound!


Are all you people in the UK? Or where? When you say under 2.5k, is that USD, CDN?

under 2k in the GB. More easily, the second hand rp8 is 30/40 % cheaper vs the new planar 8.
Try some research on your australian market.

CDN Canadian & Ok Thanks