TV through Naim system

My system will soon be going in the living room, most likely with speakers either side of the TV. So I wondered about connecting my LG TV to the 272 and listening through the Hi-Fi speakers. Has anyone done this? Does it work well?

Also wondering whether a Mu-So might do the job better, rather like a traditional sound bar.

I don’t want to go down the multi-channel cinema route at this time.

Optical into the 272 would work. Most TVs have an optical out, set it to 2 channel PCM and you’re done.



We did this with the 272 and now use the NDX2. Optical leads are not expensive and it works really well. Our TV is to the left of the left speaker and it still works fine.

Many do that, do you have a satellite service? If so use one of the digital outs on the Sky Box to the 272.

I use my old Mu-So mk1 as a sound bar and it sounds very good.

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Thanks all. Wasn’t sure if TV would sound a bit strange through Hi-Fi speakers, but I guess there’s no reason why it should. Yes I have satellite Ian so will try that.

Our TV sound goes through a 500 system and into B & W 802 D3s. Been doing this as long as I can remember. The TV speakers and/or a sound bar can’t compete with a good hi-fi system.
It will reveal good and bad as you might expect. You would not want to go back to the TV speakers. Well worth doing.


I use my Star/250 for my TV sound and cannot imagine going back to TV speakers, Currently I use the HDMI input for this but when I had a unitilite in the lounge I used an optical lead and it was fine.

I don’t always use the TV through the HiFi, as it doesn’t always sound right. For example, try listening to the news. When the intro music kicks in it’s way too loud and makes you jump. So I tend to just turn it on selectively for watching movies etc.
Also there can be lip sync issues.

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You can adjust the lip sync via the app if needed. I have never needed to. The volume change between channels, theme tunes and adverts can be annoying but the remote is your friend here and it is just as annoying through the TV speakers.

Could you point me to the lip sync settings please? I can’t see it under input settings. Maybe it’s just an HDMI thing?

You can increase the delay to adjust lip sync if needed, usually on the TV as well as the streamer. The problem is that when it’s out of sync you nearly always need to adjust it the other way, which of course is impossible.

They are in each individual input setting, but only on the all-in-one players, so you won’t see it on your NDX2. Your TV should have it though.

Yes I was wondering about delay between the digital stream and the video. On dcs streamers there’s a several second buffer on digital streams which mucks up things when used for telly. You can turn the buffer off though.

My head often boggles when fixing lip sync. An easy way is to set and keep 0 delay on the TV. Then adjust your other settings on your hifi/service device by having some volume played on both the tv speakers and hifi speakers. For me some 80 ms is needed until they both sound the same without any echo chamber effect.

I think on the Bartok there is about 0.7 of a second buffer which ruled it out for me when I tried it as TV sound is important here . I turned the buffer off but it didn’t sync well from my LG TV . Lip sync problems are almost always where the sound precedes the picture due to picture processing so any delay usually helps even though it can be a faff to set up . There are audio delay options in most modern TV’s and digital boxes . Quite easy to find within the settings .

TV through your system is a massive benefit IMO even though as Chris mentions the Dynamic range can be huge especially on certain streaming services .

When I had my ND5XS I also had 80ms delay on my Sky box to match , that’s pretty normal . I’ve got my current DAC on it’s lowest Optical buffer setting 50ms and it works fine .

My TV used as source into SU/speakers, vary in quality, sometime muffled, sometime quite good.
Of corse it sound much much better than usually flat screens speakers, which is really horrible sounding.

Thanks. That explains why I can’t find it.