Tweaks or cheapish upgrades?

Hi All - here’s my 1st real post …

Take a look at the kit in my profile.
I tend to play vinyl & CD; 50:50.
But I now have a DAC V1 and a NAP250-2. My son has let me use them and they generate big changes. But I’m very aware that the amp deserves better sources. So, here’s the ask for your collective wisdom to ponder… what would you recommend to consider doing next ?. Also I’m wondering if there’s any tweaks that I should be considering as well.
Assume the budget is less than £1k and I’d buy used.

So there you go - all ideas gratefully received!!! :+1::+1::+1:

Cheers Richard

I’d suggest the 250 would work best with a 282.
Which means adding 282/napsc/hicap.
Which is more than a £1k budget.
You could maybe upgrade the p3 with a better arm.
Or just stick. There’s nothing inherently wrong with what you have.
Maybe get a half decent rack to sit it all on.


Hi Rob thanks for your reply. The 282 route is ideal but it’s the cost. The RP3 route is a good option as is a new CD transport. But rack is ok. It’s a 3 tier atacama on carpeted concrete floor.

I’d like to do something soon as the ears suffer as you get older !

Cheers Richard

I think you’ll get a lot more out of your 250 if you partner it with a matching Naim preamp. A 282 would be its natural partner, but you won’t get one for your budget, bearing in mind that you’ll also need a Hicap to power it. An 82 (predecessor to the 282) or another older Naim preamp such as a 72 might be a good option.

The problem you would then have is that a very capable amp and speakers really want a source of a similar calibre. My approach was to cut down the number of sources I used to one, rather than stretching my budget over several. I chose a streamer, and ditched my turntable which had been the central part of my system for 30 years, but of course we all have different preferences.


Are you sure it’s not a bit overcrowded? In your profile you seem to have maybe 5 or 6 boxes. If you want them to perform at their best you ideally want a separate shelf for each, with the turntable, phono stage and preamp kept away from the power amp.

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Try an 82 instead.

Better Value… IMO.


Try an 82 with a hicap. I find it better than the 282. Well, not better, but I prefer the sound signature.


Hi Richard, great news… thanks to the introduction of the new Classic range the previous Classics are way more affordable, in your shoes I’d buy a NAC 202, a great preamp originally partnered with the NAP200 but it will work well and provide a clear window of music through your 250. If you are good at spotting a bargain you should get one for around £500 and if you fall in love you can upgrade the 202 with a NAPSC and or a Hi Cap. I ran a 202 for 15 years and loved it.


With a 250 being unable to power a preamp, a Hicap would not be optional in this setup, it would be essential.
That said, a 202 really doesn’t match a 250.2 well at all, and is a combination I would avoid.


I assume you meant to say that a 202 really does NOT match a 250.2, if that is the case have you actually hear the pair working together? In what way are they not matched?

Here’s a tweak.

If you have your speaker cables plugged in to the lower pair (mid/bass driver) of inputs at the back of your speakers, change to the upper (tweeter) pair then back your speaker up nearer the wall/corner of the room about 2 centimetres.

Using the top pair suddenly gave me more detail but lost some bass depth and sounded harsher in the top of the midrange.

Backing the speakers up retained detail, but recovered the bass and smoothed out the harshness.

Free upgrade!

Happy days.

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Good point Chris :
Top is Rega
Next shelf is 250-2
Next shelf is Khozmo pre- amp & Naim DAC
Bottom is CD6000 & Lounge phono preamp

I think I should put the 250-2 on the bottom

Thanks all so far, all very useful ideas. :+1::+1:

Given my lack of Naim knowledge then is a Naim preamp likely to improve the sound over my passive preamp ?

When I had a 282/250 I tried a Townshend passive preamp for a while, hoping that it would simplify my system and reduce the number of boxes and cables. Unfortunately the 282 sounded a lot better, so I kept it.

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Hey @Brooksr… I’ll echo some.of the advice given already and say that ideally with the 250, you should probably aim for an 82/282. As already said though, you’re going to need a power supply for the pre as a 250 doesn’t have the capability to power a preamp.

I can personally vouch for an 82 working great with a 250, as I have them myself… albeit mine is a 250DR. Don’t be afraid to mix vintages of Naim gear. There’s no law against it and works very well. An 82 secondhand is much cheaper than a 282 and is essentially the same amp. It’s not a visual match with the classic black units, but will get you a very good pre for circa £1k or less. It also comes with the napsc, whereas you need to buy one if you went with a 202, as it’s simply not as good without one. For not much difference in price, an 82 is a much better pre all-round.

You will then need a hicap, which you can pick up for circa £400 or so… Sometimes less.

You will need to tweak budget a little, but an 82/250 becomes a very, very good system for not a massive outlay.

It’s a slippery slope… But you’ve been given a great head start having some of the kit already!

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If you listen to a lot of vinyl, why not upgrade the RP3 to whatever you can get S/H within £1k p/x - a P6 or even a P8? At least that’s what I would consider next if I were in your place.

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Hi garcon - I do have a vinyl preference but I end up playing both formats equally. You’re right a P6,P8 is an easy upgrade so yes that needs to be considered. Not much point changing the Bronze though the upgrade of the Lounge LCR may be an option.
Cheers Richard

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Hi storm - thanks for that; it makes a lot of sense now I understand it. It’s well over budget but it’s strategic I think. The problem it gives me is rack space as the significant other won’t sanction another rack. So I may need to choose a source to keep !

Cheers Richard

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Hi ChrisSU - your experience is one that I may of read before. I moved from an integrated to a Cyrus x-power (son again) and added the Khozmo. That was a big step up but others say there’s a tradeoff with a passive eg less punch and bass but more transparency and clarity - something I’ve not experienced.
Cheers Richard

Only one way to find out!

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