Twist or Stick

My 300 none DR in one word “awesome” especially with SL2s, over the years the 300/SL2 have been partnered with a 272, 282, 252DR and now 552DR each step noticeable.

Wondering whether to stick with the 300 or twist for a used 500DR!!

Source ND5XS2, HMS, DAVE

My Fraim already has two medium levels.

You’ve got the source. You’ve got the preamp. I see no reason not to go for a 500. It’s not the power. It’s the finesse.

Obviously if a dealer is handling the second hand sale you can sanity check that it’s your cup of tea.

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Don’t dismiss going “dr” on the 300 though depends on the £.
I prefer the 300 over the 500.

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Naim no longer provide a service to upgrade none DR equipment so I would have to trade the 300 for a 300DR not sure if this would a sideways move.

I do have a pair of Witch Hat Morgana XLR leads on order they should be arriving anytime soon so maybe wait a few months before making any rash decisions :thinking:

Interesting comment and not the first time I have read this did you compare both power amps using a 552.

Had the 252DR/300DR for a wee while some time back, then got a 552DR…nice step up, however it wasn’t until a 500DR came along that it all made sense…perfect couple…and the Morgana XLR’s work really well.
If you have a cost effective upgrade option, makes sense (IMHO) to go for it…twist !

Have a good weekend.


I think part of the decision comes down to what your speakers need or want. Im not familiar with SL2s. If they really benefit from the higher current of the 500, then there’s that. If not, there may be little benefit.

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There’s certainly something very magical that goes on when the 500dr runs from a 552 dr. Whether the SL2’s would rather be driven actively from maybe 2 x 300’s against a single 500dr would be an interesting demo, as i guess getting rid off the SL2’s cross over alone will bring very good gains, but it much more boxes, etc and maybe the 500dr and a better xover would be best

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Let’s not go there again😂

To be fair, I should say that I never (despite my 2020 thread on the subject that got to nearly 1000 posts) actually tried a 500 with the SL2s. All I know is that a brand new cold from the box 500dr was better on a brand new pair of not run in kudos 808s than a single very well run in 300dr into run in kudos 808s

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Lol Tim
But That’s not the answer

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Sorry - you just triggered memories :joy:

I remember it all well Tim

But as you also found out, the pairing of a 500 and 552 is just magical, they just work so well together as if they are made for each other lol

Who’d a thunk it? :man_shrugging:

It may very well depend on the speakers, in particular whether they have a very low impedance on an impedance curve dipping very low in places: Being a bridged amp, the 500 is unlikely to be as tolerant of very low impedances as the 300.

@Richard.Dane observed a few days ago to tge effect that Naim speakers have well behaved impedance curves and so aren’t likely to present an impedance problem for the 500.

Pretty sure it was 252/300 then 552/500, then statement. Into the same set of £150k focals. For me the musicality and atmosphere of the music was (perhaps contradicting what you’d expect) better portrayed at 252/300 level.

Now thats a Statement!

Obviously I never said it out loud.

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Given I can’t realistically afford to go further up the tree, I’m very happy to read your post.
Itch = scratched.

I’m sure a 55* system would be superb.
But I’d have to give up too many of life’s other pleasures to find out. I’m calling it quits.
So long as my 252/300 continues to give me bliss, I’ll leave the ascent for others.

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I remember the track that turned me off Statement. One of the ballads from Mule Variations by Tom Waits. It sounded brilliant, don’t get me wrong, all the attack / sustain / leading edge / inky blackness that you could want. But they are all “hifi” terms. There was no emotion. He’s singing this:

In a land there’s a town
And in that town there’s
A house
And in that house
There’s a woman
And in that woman
There’s a heart I love
I’m gonna take it
With me when I go

And it’s just words.
Might have just been me, but that’s what I felt (or rather, didn’t).

Whatever opinions you get won’t tell you what you really need to know. ‘Will I prefer it in my system and according to my tastes?’

You really need to do some listening or else just be prepared for disappointment if things don’t go well.

You of course already know this.