Two amps connected to one Naim CD5si

Recently I replaced my Nait 5si with integraded headphone amp with a Nait 2. My source is a CD5si, connected with a DIN-cable to the Nait 2.
Is it possible to connect a (Creek OBH-11) to the CD5si using the RCA connection?

You can do this, although you’ll need to reassign the output sockets via the remote control handset whenever you wish to switch to the headphone amp. You could select to have both outputs on at the same time but this is not recommended and will adversely impact performance.

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This is what I do for my headphone amp and it works very well.

Another suggestion would be to get a DIN5 to 2xRCA cable and use that from the Tape socket on the NAIT 2 to drive the OBH-11.

Hmm, 3 options then. I’ll think about it. Thanks!

DIN in the Tape of the Nait 2 and the 4 RCA’s in the Creek?

IIRC, the output here is so you don’t lose a tape loop to the headphone amp - i.e. you can still connect a tape deck or other recorder to the tape loop.

I’d just connect a DIN5 to 2x RCA cable (or just use the relevant two RCA plugs from a DIN5 to 4x RCA cable). The output RCA connections on the Creek, as Richard mentions above, don’t need to be connected back to the NAIT 2.

Edit - just to note, if you do go for a 2xRCA cable you need to make sure the DIN5 plug is wired as per the diagram on the back on the NAIT 2.


You need the ch1, 2 OUTPUT pins (and -ve) wired.

On a 4xRCA cable all the DIN5 pins are wired so it’s just a case of connecting the correct RCA plugs at the Creek end.

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That’s helpfull!!

The Creek OBH-11 didn’t sound as good as the headphone amp in the Nait 5si I previous used in my set. So I took my change and bought a Headline + NA PSC. Also replaced my Grado Labs SR225, which I had for ages with a Beyerdynamic Amiron and it is a big step up.

Since there is no power on/of button on both I presume I have to leave both powered. Rises a new question; I turn my Nait 2 on and of all the time. Is it recommended to leave it on too (just like my cd5si and the nait 5si)?

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