Twonky vs Minimserver on Melco

Reading some threads, particularly one recently, Gazza pointed that Signals finds the Miminserver as best sounding on Melco.
For now, Dark Bear wrote often about it and prefers Twonky.
Some use Mininserver apparently.

I tried today Mininserver 1. The 2 doesn’t appear on my Melco, N1zh2, non EX model.
I prefer Twonky. More dynamic, organic, and involving.

Your thoughts?


You don’t want to know mine :joy:
And Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree:

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Why Suedkiez? You don’t have a Melco. You think I often call your advise ? :grin:

I’m happy to add my thoughts and help where I can and when it’s wanted :slight_smile: I’m sure it isn’t here, but don’t let me disturb you, just fooling around.

Not disturbed….I know you were joking.

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I also prefer Twonky…for those reason as you mention, Minim is too soft to my taste and too dark.

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Thanks for sharing my friend.
Now we can wait for @Steve , TimoopNorth, Bert bird, Gazza, Peter1480….

Another Twonky user here on my non-EX N1 (SSD) and E100 expansion drive. The latest 3.93 firmware interfaces well with the Naim app displaying the artwork of all of my huge library of 61460 WAV files correctly.


Until I upgraded to EX, I used Twonky. Since I couldnt use SogKongs potensial I stopped ripping. After EX upgrade I intend to use Minim server, but will try Twonky again.


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How does Twonky handle sort tags for Album Artist and Album? Will it recognise them? Will Kate Bush be displayed as Kate Bush but appear under B?

Yes - that about covers it! :slightly_smiling_face:

Particularly on older material with good dynamic range and classical it has a large edge over the Minim Server option as I tried it a few times.

On more modern music with some compression there is less difference and Minim seemed to add a ‘nice’ warmth that I could prefer on some music - perhaps.

In synth - the clear separation of harmonic structure is so much better on Twonky - as well as general portrayal of dynamics on different kinds of drums…etc.

Given I did not originally credit that it would make any difference at all - I found it a surprise.


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It’s very easy to try. Set up on the Melco screen > media server > Twonky. Restart your streamer and install again your app. You will see how your albums appear 10 mn after.
You can after return to Minimserver the same way.

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When I had both Minim and Twonky Server running at the same time on the Melco it just presented two ‘Servers’ at the Naim App for each - go into one try a track - go into the other and play the same track - easy and took a minute to skip between.

Not as purist as running only one Server at a time but gave me a good impression of what each could do.
Once I settled on the Twonky option I turned Minim off and eventually removed it - which improved Twonky SQ a bit more.


I didn’t knew you can run both simultaneously. Because on the front panel you have to choose between the two.
How do you do ?

Minim off isn`t the same as removing completely Minim? does it influence on sound?

No in my Twonky set up Kate Bush appears under K.

Correct - when Minim is off as a service then it is still ‘waiting’ there as software to be turned ‘on’ to be serving again and that did still take away SQ when I eventually removed it, as I was not going to use it and I could always re-install later if I did want it.
I think it was MichaelF that had mentioned it was better removed - I followed the Melco web page instruction on how to safely remove it - and the SQ jumped-up a notch in clarity and ‘solidness’ - a small background layer of ‘uncertainty’ if I can find a descriptor - small but worthwhile improvement.

I just ignored the front panel - Twonky was ‘on’ anyways by default and my Dealer had installed Minim as a service in parallel with it when I obtained my, by today versions, older Melco.
This just showed both ‘Servers’, Minim and Twonky, as available options to be opened on the App, so I could choose either and play.


So you advise me to deinstall completely Mimin with a pc , or it’s not necessary in my case?

I removed mine after I was told it sounded better removed - tried it and it was better removed.

Only worth doing if you will not be using it again, as why have it present if you never use it and it slightly degrades performance.


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+1 for Twonky