Underrated albums you want to share with others

I think it was renamed and repackaged after the first release, but my copy is ancient.

I also saw him and Hawkwind at Stonehenge in 1984 ( when he fell off the stage), so it isn’t just my vinyl that is ancient.

In any event, the point is that you are dead right: the man is brilliant, with a huge body of work that deserves much wider recognition. However, he also fits into the ‘musician’s musician’ category with (for example) Bert Jansch - when you turn up to a gig, it seems that most people there are also musicians, some vastly more famous.

Coincidentally, I saw/ heard a John Gomm gig a few months ago and non-guitarists like me were very much in the minority, so he may make it onto the list too - I bought the LP and the T-shirt.


HQ with Gilmour and John Paul Jones is also superb (they all are) with the song Hallucinating Light being one of my all time favourites


I have that first Gryphon album - and a later one ‘Red Queen Gryphon Three’, which is a touch more ‘prog’ than the earlier one.
Also, I saw Gryphon play at the Union Chapel in 2016(?). Very entertaining.

An album I considered for this thread, which might be really too well known to qualify, is 801 Live.


Anything by Roy Buchanan, a master guitarist, but one whose star has faded these days. Even when he was in his prime, he used to be called the world’s greatest guitarist that no one has ever heard of!

I tried to find his (two or three) LPs for sale (Capitol, I believe), but they seem to be out of the catalogue. That’s a great shame.


Inspired by @frenchrooster …my original vinyl …Leroy Hutson The Man ( 1974) and Feel the Spirit (1976) Fine albums. At the time I worked with a very cool Jamaican guy who introduced me to alsorts. In return I got him into rock music.



I have two of The Crash Test Dummy albums. I think this their first and think it’s excellent. I don’t know of anyone who heard of them in The UK


Me. I have this and a Worm’s Life. Both great albums and big-ish here in the UK in the 90s.

I’m in the UK. Had this since it came out. Excellent stuff.

I wasn’t in the Uk during the 90’s so didn’t realised their reputation had shipped to these shores. You learn something new every day, thanks.

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This album reached top 5 in the UK album charts.

I have this, bought in the UK, and I have certainly heard of them :slight_smile:

Great album!

Forever Changes , is I think much more appreciated in the USA than the UK , certainly one of my favourite all time albums, they changed tack afterwards , much heavier and dare I say it ? Losing their originality

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A great album, I think Love were perhaps more popular in the UK, the album charted at 24 and could only manage 154 in the states.