Uniti 1 and Roon


Since the pandemic and WFH i decided to reactivate the music in my office. This is a place where listened only in some occasions, when I was smoking pipe or cigars once or twice a week.

I used my Uniti 1 upgraded together with my NAS or Spotify, I have other room only for home theater and music with other high end components.

This year I’ve bought a new computer and decided to leave my old Macbook pro to music, so I resubscribe to Roon and added Qobuz, connected USB - C port with a Dragonfly (2015) and send to analogue input in Naim.
The system is working well, Roon identifies Dragonfly to play through the Uniti1 among the other systems/rooms.

Lately the screen in Uniti1 faded so the only way to use Naim other than trough dragonfly DAC is with the app. I already quoted the service around $500 including delivery. Now I am in the process to decide if I pull the trigger on the service or if I change to other set, living in US there are Naim options but also other alternatives.

I was browsing the forum and saw a couple of threads nothing conclusive.

question: Is any way that the Uniti1 DAC is detected by Roon, all my components are ethernet wired, Naim, NAS etc.
I couldn’t find a definitive answer to this question and will help to decide whether I move to install the new screen or leave the Uniti for future generations… my sons

The other question I have is about an Audio system upgrade, but this is subjected to maintain Roon as the main streamer in the house, really works with my other systems (and of course not killing the savings)

I saw that some folks have upgraded Uniti 1 adding NAP 200 or 250 DR and keeping the Uniti1 as preamp, like the idea and I was checking for used systems, again not easy to find in America but there are a few. Is a big change?, I feel more power will make my Kudos speakers sound better but also read that NAP DR brings more bass and a clear midrange than Uniti 1. I tested with different speakers so is not only my small Kudos.

Problem I will need to add modern DAC to the Uniti replacing Dragonfly. So Uniti will become only a pure preamp working in analogue, Rarely I play CDs and eventually will add a turntable with a non Naim phono pre amp.

Like my Uniti, love the sound and would love to grow a system for my office, so need some advice on Uniti DAC + Roon and also how good is the add of a NAP DR or other options maintaining the Uniti.


Answering my own question and if someone needs this info here it is.
The solution is a Roon endpoint, meaning a streamer like Sonore Optical or Micro Rendu connected to a Rendu Ultra digital, this will require a coaxial cable from BNC to SPDIF you can buy in Amazon. It is an investment of $1100 to more depending on the options. Definitely the more convenient option is to buy a full streamer DAC. Used Uniti Nova could be a perfect solution the Uniti 1 will become redundant but there is always someone interested.
For the moment I will continue with this setup (uniti 1 + Topping) for the office, since I installed the Topping D90SE sound has improved and am pretty happy. Will see what will do in the future.

The other solution is to use a UPNP bridge, like the Sonore UPNP Bridge, LMStoUPNP or RooUPNP.

These devices or software act as a bridge between Roon and your legacy Naim streamer. They expose themselves to Roon as a Squeezelite device which Roon can play to. The bridge receives the music and outputs it as a UPNP stream to the Naim unit.

To my mind this is a better solution than potentially downgrading your Naim device to being used as a DAC.

The Sonore bridge is the easiest to get going followed by RooUPNP.

I’ve used all these solutions for the past 3 years and foind hat they work very well.

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Thanks for the answer,
I already stop using Naim DAC (the Uniti 1 screen faded) and placed a Topping D90SE connected to analog input in my Uniti, Sonore bridge wont work with it. I am curious to know how you connected the Sonore Bridge.
I was speaking with Andrew Gillis from Small green computer and he recommended the Optical Rendu for the Topping, and Ultra Digital if I want to use with the Uniti 1. Other option is to build a Raspberry Pi streamer and conversor installing the free software. Bear in mind that Uniti first edition have 1 input for ethernet and 4 digital inputs, 2 RCA coax and 2 Tosslink, also Uniti 1 does not operate as a streamer, in my case I use a MacBook Pro that also has the Roon core, from there I control the Topping that input the Uniti 1.

The Sonore UPNP just connects to the network via ethernet, as does RooUPNP.

It utilises the streamers exsiting UPNP functionality so no need for a separate streamer.

I suspect that this arrangement will sound better than using the analogue inputs unless the streamer you are using is very capable.


Exactly, my issue is I don’t have a streamer. MacBook Pro is acting as streamer because the USB DAC is connected to it. My understanding is Sonore Bridge wont act as a streamer.

Your Uniti 1 is a streamer. Just because the screen has faded doesn’t mean that the streamer won’t play.

It is not a Roon endpoint.
Sonore bridge has an ethernet input and 4 USB outputs, there is no way to connect to Uniti 1.

That’s the whole idea, the Uniti isn’t an end point and the purpose of a bridge is to make the legacy products work as an end point.

You do not connect the bridge directly to the Uniti, only via the network. The bridge receives the stream from Roon and then sends it on to the Uniti via the network.


Trickydickie is making a good suggestion here. The UPnP bridge just converts the Roon RAAT stream into a UPnP stream which will be available to your Uniti. Unless you look for a software only solution this is the cheapest and easiest way to get Roon onto a streamer like yours that doesn’t have native Roon support.


I struggle to understand how the Sonore bridge connects to Uniti 1

It doesn’t connect to the Uniti directly but through the network.

You will have a number of items connected to your network, Roon Server, Uniti,Sonore UPNP Bridge (or similar) and your controller (iPad/Android/Windows Tablet).

All these items can communicate to each other.

The tablet controls Roon. Roon sends the music via the network to the Bridge, The Bridge sends music on to the Uniti.

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Uniti is not detected by Roon
I have several devices connected to the network all of them discovered by Roon except Uniti.

Your Roon Core will detect the UPnP Bridge. That in turn is discovered by the Uniti over your network, not by a direct point-to-point connection.
The bridge was designed specifically for this purpose, and it works.

You may want to contact SmallGreenComputer who produce this device if you are not clear about how it works.

Ok. In that case you need to set up the bridge to only send information to Uniti? Otherwise the bridge will work with all other devices in the network, is that possible?

I contacted Andrew Gillis from Small Green and he recommended a different solution

The bridge can only serve music to a single ‘endpoint’ device.

Sure, there are other hardware options available which can achieve the same result.

Your Uniti will not be detected by Roon UNLESS you add the Bridge. This is what bridges Roon to the Uniti and makes it work. A Uniti or any legacy Naim device is not Roon ready.

You need

  • Roon
  • Roon Bridge (Sonore, LMS2UPNP, RooUPNP)
  • UPNP Streamer (Naim legacy streamers)
  • A device to control Roon with (iPad, Android Tablet etc)
  • A working network

With this in place you need to enable Squeezebox support in Roon

Configure the bridge to work (this is the config page from the Sonore Bridge)

Then you see the Naim device in Roon. It appears as a Squeezebox as the bridge exposes the Naim device as a Squeezebox player.

Some adjustments need to be made to optimise the player in Roon

Then you sit back and enjoy using Roon!


I think you mean that he recommended the Optical Rendu, but that is for a direct connection into a USB DAC. The Uniti doesn’t need that, and the much cheaper UPnP Bridge is all you need.

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