Uniti Atom 311 Error

Hello dear Naim members,

Unfortunately i have troubles with my Uniti Atom, S/N: 506151, and having Error Code: 311, would anyone be so kind to guide me out how to resolve this problem ?

A little more information below:

Error occurs constantly on every turn on and off, basically i can not get machine to work for a very long time, can’t go to any settings or do anything with device, iv read forums that this problem can be solved due to updating firmware but i can not update it with this error being there. I’v also wrote to support but no response so far.

Perhaps there is a way to do it via USB ? (Inserting lan cable does nothing)

Thanks in advance!

Have you contacted your Naim dealer who supplied the unit to you? I would do that as a first step.

Have you tried a factory reset

You need to talk to your dealer if the error is always there.

Problem is iv purchased it in London, and moved with it to a different location, dealer wont be able to help me without passing it physically to them.

Then you’ll need to talk to whoever your nearby Naim dealer is now. You should expect seamless service, you don’t have to go back to whoever you bought it from.

I am currently in Azerbaijan and there is no Naim dealers available here.

Well that makes things rather more difficult. You have a UK machine with a UK warranty (I assume it is still under warranty?). You’ll need to talk to the dealer and discuss whether it will need to get back to them somehow as it may need to go to the factory for repair.

Are you sure that there is no way to fix it without a dealer in my case ?

I have no idea. However, your dealer can find out from Naim. Alternatively await a response from Naim support.

Any idea how long it normally takes to get response from support ?

It will depend very much on how busy they are with enquiries. You should have received a confirmation that your email had been received by the system - if not, check your spam folder. Your supplying dealer should be your first line of support here though.

I’v wrote email to uniti-support@naimaudio.com, 1 week ago, not even confirmation email about them receiving my case (neither spam folder)

Perhaps there is a different email for support ?

thanks in advance

That’s an old email. See here:


Hi Richard, if Naim haven’t forwarded and no longer monitor that email address, can you flag to them that the interactive guide needs updating? I assume that whatever 2023 brings will include the long awaited update to the website, but an out of date support email address in your FAQ is a fairly urgent issue. (If it’s forwarded to the main address then not so, but then presumably the OP would have seen the automated reply.)


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