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Hi all, I’m hopefully about to buy a Uniti Atom which looks like a fantastic single box high quality streaming device, I have a few questions for the learned members of this community that would be very nice to get some advice on.

In addition to buying the Atom I’m going to get my old, much loved, LP12 upgraded to around the Majik level, so in other words I’m looking for cost and sound balanced cost. I need a new cartridge and am looking to upgrade to either a Linn Addikt (MM) or stretch a bit further to a Linn koil (MC), plus the rest, what would people recommend for a good phono amp for either of these cartridges?

Second question, I have limited space and am looking for bookcase type speakers, I’ll be using it TV 2 channel sound as well, I’m not sure I have have space for stands but suggest those any anyway.

Thanks your suggestions.

No vinyl here, but as for speakers, I use little Neat Iotas with my Atom. Very enjoyable and a frequently suggested combination which plays to the strengths of both.

The Iotas can be wall mounted as mine are, or even used on a bookcase, though that might have an impact on SQ.


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Hi, the Atom is great if you want a compact all-in-one system, but your turntable is in a different league in terms of sound quality and really deserves something better. If you want a Naim amp I would be looking at maybe a Supernait if you don’t want separates. You will, of course, then need another box if you want to stream.

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Thanks Roger will have a look at those.

You might be right about the upgraded LP12 being in a different league but I don’t think I can stretch to a Supernait + streamer and my space is quite limited.

To answer your question, Rega Fono are excellent phono amps and excellent value for money. Probably no need to spend more.

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Thanks will have a look.

I really wouldn’t worry about the Linn being ‘better’ than the Atom. It’s far better that way round. As for phono stages, the Rega Aria is much better than the Fono, and more suited to a TT like the Linn. It has the big advantage that it can work with both MM and MC cartridges.

For your speakers, do you really have to put them on bookshelves? ProAc Tablette 10s are excellent, and people have used them very successfully with an Atom, but to get the best from them you need stands. They have the advantage of being designed to work close to the back wall, so don’t take up much space.


I am a satisfied Atom user myself. But for vinyl (MM), the new Nait50 would certainly be better in the price range (if it’s still available, it’s a limited edition). The Nait50 has extremely good reviews here in the forum (Click here)..There is also a special thread on streamers that fit the Nait50 (Click here). Not only does the Atom not have a phono stage, it also converts analogue signals first to digital and then back to analogue via internal dac. Vinyl is not the primary source for the Atom.
And for speakers there are many suggestions and recommendations here in the forum too (you find them easily by search function). I use Vienna Acoustics Haydn and they fit very well, PMC 5.21i are also common here. But I would recommend to listen at some speakers at your dealer and if possible in our home. There are many differences between the manufacturers and many dependencies on the space in which they are used, with speaker positioning etc. Trust your ears and enjoy.

For speakers, you might be surprised at just how good a pair of inexpensive Q-Acoustic bookshelf speakers sound.
I hooked up a pair to my Atom and couldn’t believe my ears.
I usually have Kudos X3 floor standers attached to the Atom but wanted to demonstrate to a friend the little Q-Acoustics, a pair of which he was considering buying.

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I’ve had both Q Acoustics and Neat Iotas driven by my UQ1 and NAC 172. The Neats are better by an order of magnitude.

If you do actually need a ‘bookshelf’ speaker and can’t put ProACs or ATCs on a stand they’re an outstanding choice.

Just make sure you audition the combo - when I first got the Neats I wasn’t prepared for the difference in sound between low-volume and high-volume listening. Good luck!


I was being considerate of the OP’s need to be within budget and, Q-Acoustics might help there.

Thanks HH, I note your suggestion of the Rega Aria and will look at that, possibly the right class of device for the LP12 plus MC cartridge. At the moment not sure whether I can fit stands into the limited space I have hence asking for suggestions for bookshelf and stand type speakers.


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