Uniti Atom HE + Cambridge Azure 851a = possible?


I am new at the forum, from Norway.

I have recent buyed Uniti Atom HE.

From before I use Bluesound Node 2 as streaming box coupled to the integrated amplifier Cambridge Azure 851a.

I think the streaming module and the DAC in Atom HE is better than the Bluesound.

So is it possible to use the Atom HE and the Azure 851a together?

If so, what should I do? Wich line in, gain at the volume control and so on? Is it possible to skip the preamp in the Azure and use Atom HE as preamp?

Thanks for answers.

I don’t think you can use the 851a in power amp mode. Using the two together would be far from ideal. Best to get a dedicated power amp or active speakers for best results.

Thanks. Then it is best to use the Bluesound as streaming box as before.

If I want to buy a Naim poweramp that will fit Atom HE, what to chose? Not more than 3000-4000 euros. NAP 200 DR?


Try here…

Go for a second hand Nap 200 in good condition of a Nap 250 DR. There is no point in getting a Nap 200 DR since the expensive DR is only used for preamp powersupply.

I’ve the 200 myself.

The Uniti Atom HE has balanced outputs and, looking at the specification of the 851A , appears to have balanced inputs on Sources 1 and 2.

This would suggest that a pair of XLR cables would enable you to use two together.

Yes, but 2 pre amps would be in use.

The outputs on the HE are not fixed level as far as I know.

Agreed but it would be worth trying with 2 xlrs and see how it goes, then move on from there.

IF the Naim outputs are truly balanced, it does offer the OP the option of using active 'speakers…But I guess that is a question for another time…

Which was my suggestion in my reply.

Thanks for answers!

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