Uniti atom + Hifiman Sundara. Bad combo?

I recently borrowed a pair of Hifiman Sundara to try in my Uniti Atom (not headphone edition).

After a few minutes of listening, the left side channel suddenly started to make a crackling sound. I thought the headphones broke. But they were working fine connected to other units.

It turned out the amp was broken, as other headphones behaved exactly the same after this incident.
Just crackle noice in the left channel.

To my surprise I found this post, with a very similar scenario with the same headphones.

Just a coincidence?
Anyone experienced the same issue?
With or without Hifiman Sundara for that matter.

At the moment I am not sure if I will get it replaced by the dealer, even though the amp was purchased less than 2 years ago since I am the second owner.

I don’t know about the Sundaras but I’ve used a pair of HE-400is without any issues on an Atom.

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