Uniti Atom New Firmware or Just Me?

Hello All
I’d completely powered down my Uniti Atom last night and when I reconnected the power it booted up as expected and settled back in standby. When I powered on it displayed “Updating”.
I’m assuming it is, but its been doing that for an hour or so now and I checked this week on the app that I was on the latest firmware and it said I was, so…
Is there new firmware that has popped up in the last 24-48 hours for the Atom (It’s the 14th Jan 2023)? If not is it safe for me to restart the unit to see if this was just a glitch?

Is your Atom on ethernet or wifi? If wifi, what’s the configuration, mesh or wired WAP?
If you can, when restarting use a patch cable to connect direct to your router.
What version number are you on, or did you just do “check for update”?
You should be ok to restart. Your profile doesn’t list an Atom, so make sure everything else is disconnected - your decision to restart or contact dealer / naim support.

Just to clarify slightly, maybe you could say what diagnostic info you are seeking with this suggestion? As I understand things, this step will not achieve anything since the selection between Ethernet and wifi is made during the initial boot up, rather than being triggered by connecting a cable to a powered up device.

I have changed one word to make it clearer; any other thoughts?

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I’m sure many others have successfully done a power cycle when something like this happens… the new Uniti firmware update system is more robust and “brick resistant” than the old one, making use of two banks and two steps (loading then installing). But, as always, it’s up to the owner whether they want to check in with dealer or Naim before (literally) pulling the plug. FWIW, I’d just power down (unplugging) and wait a few minutes, then start over fresh.

Agreed - perhaps I would add, power off Atom, then switch off router, power on again and as you suggest, leave the Atom a short while, before restarting. I think it is possible the Uniti products check for updates when restarting - if the internet connection is lost during the process, possible the unit gets stuck.

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The way I look at this “Do I unplug it or do I call the dealer first?” question is that if the dealer says “Bring it in”, you have to unplug it anyway. So you may as well do that bit and then plug it in again before calling the dealer.

Also the last working firmware is saved, so you are unlikely to do any harm by unplugging after half an hour or so of it being stuck.

Thanks everyone - this community is a great resource.

To update you, I’ve power cycled (30 seconds unplugged from mains) and the Atom came back to normal. This time its not tried an an update and everything seems to be as before. My question was more to confirm with the community if a new update had been pushed out as before this morning I was running 3.8.3 (5447) and running the check on my app just now this seems to be the latest.

It’s also nice to know the Atom has two stores for firmware so you’d be reasonably safe to power cycle if like me the process stalled, or you suffered a power interruption in the middle of an update.

Thanks again - I’ll put the uncommanded ‘update’ down to just a freak event unless it recurs.

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@sound-hound I’ve amended my Profile to list the Atom :slight_smile:

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My Atom HE on release firmware is running 3.8.1 as latest firmware. Are you sure you have 3.8.3?

Aside from that there was no new release firmware on the last few days as far as I am aware.

@Kryptos this will likely address the difference see this thread Atom Firmware Update 3.8.3
Will’s post # 13 stated
"We have released a 3.8.3 patch release for Uniti Atom only. This release contains a minor stability update for users of late 2022 Uniti Atoms only.
Users of earlier Uniti Atoms are welcome to install the release or disregard it.
Many thanks,

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Ah thank you. Missed that one.

But that would still not have been in the last few days.

Indeed, who knows what was happening to prompt the op.
I had to be careful when I responded at the top of the thread, because I am on a different version again…beta testing on which I am asked to say no more!
That’s why it’s always useful if peps quote the version rather than use the word “latest”.

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Yup, amongst the reasons one of my HE’s is on release firmware :smiley:

It happened to me with my unit atom headphones, edition I had a USB flash drive in the back it thinks the firmware is on the USB flash drive naim tactical support thought I was right

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