Uniti Atom not responding / on/off button flashing four times

Hi, I have an Atom. I have turned it off a few days ago. I noticed the on off button is flashing, four times in a row. I cannot get it to start up again. It is gone in my app on my phone. I tried to do a hard reset (pulling the plug, waiting 30 minutes) and a factory reset. Noting seems to be working. Any suggestions anyone? Hope someone can help…
Brian in Amsterdam

Does this help?

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Yeah, I saw that thread and tried all that. I cannot see anything happening when I hold these two buttons, no extra flashing buttons…

Did you hold them for five seconds and then release, exactly as Richard explained? If you’ve tried it a few times and nothing works, it unfortunately looks like it’s time to contact your dealer.

Just to be sure if I am holding the right buttons: are they the second and third from the top?

That’s right, second and third. The middle two.

Ok thanks. Well then, off to the dealer it goes then. Unless there are any other suggestions?

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