Uniti Core as CD player source

Has anyone used a Naim Uniti core as a a (source) CD player into a Uniti Atom/equiv (DAC). I appreciate it is a streaming device by nature (excuse the pun), however I want to have the option to play CD’s as opposed to ripping them.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

I understand it can’t play CDs, only rip them.

Hi @LindsayM - I was not aware of this until I was recently informed. I checked it out on Naim website and they inform as follows: As well as being a sleek music archivist and server, Uniti Core can also act as a superb music source. https://www.naimaudio.com/product/uniti-core - bonus feature I was not aware of :slight_smile:

It also has the optical out connections to allow this (BNC).

It plays the ripped files digitally, not from the CD in real time. Note the second paragraph.


The Uniti Core can operate as a UPnPTM music server providing audio files to any UPnPTM-compatible player on the same network. Uniti Core also incorporates a digital audio output for local playback via the digital input of a hi-fi system.

Music can be played locally from internal storage, a network drive or attached USB drives using the Naim app.

If available where you live see if you can listen to the two heed audio options of CD players. Digital out to the Atom.

Provided you connect to it a converter like the Ndac and strictly also a supplier for the converter, preferably PS555.

It works very well as a source, playing its ripped files to a DAC via SPdif from a 75Ω BNC coax socket. My preferred cable was a Belden 4794R, even if I needed a BNC to RCA on the DAC end. I never tried the optical or USB outlets.
Naim put a bit of effort into this outlet and whilst I waited for the NDS replacement (ND555 as it turned out) it served well enough that I largely forgot the CDX2/555ps.

Thanks all. It seems I have misunderstood slightly. I understand now that as a source the Core is a ‘digital’ player not a CD player.
I have it linked to a Uniti Atom, therefore I may get a higher bit rate with a direct digital connection.

The SPDIF output is limited to 24/192, so a little more restricted than a network connection. Not a limitation that most people would need to worry about, I would have thought.
Still, given that both Core and Atom need a network connection in order to function, is there any point in adding another cable?

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In my main system I use the Core as a digital source via s/pdif into a Naim DAC. It’s very good. It also acts as a server for other network players in the house. As others have mentioned, it doesn’t play a CD directly - you have to rip it first then play the rip.

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