Uniti Core Firmware upgrade failure

I upgraded the firmware to version 2.5.4 on my Uniti Core today (via iPad Mini iOS / Naim App 5.23.2).

The Uniti Core is now apparently dead! It won’t restart. I have checked and reconnected the power cord. I get no response from the On/Off button.

Any suggestions before I have to take it to the local dealer?

Thanks in anticipation.


Very odd.

Do you see any lights when you connect the power? If not then I suggest checking the fuse which is in the back of the Core next to the power socket.

I would unplug, leave it for some minutes then re-connect the power. If still nothing then, as David advises above, check the inlet fuse on the IEC socket.

I meant to post this yesterday. I would suggest that after the update, an unplug for at least 30+ seconds and then reboot is advisable. When I updated, I had an “Upgrade failed” report on the app and the Core was unresponsive. Unplugging for a decent amount of time and powering up again sorted it all out and the upgrade now reports correctly.

Pleased to see that the backups to NAS issue has been sorted but yet to test it in anger. Still hoping that the rips where I am unable to edit metadata (no edit metadata option available - as if it was a download) will be addressed in a future update.

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Thank you, all, for your advice. I unplugged the Core, left it overnight, and have now retried it with no response. On David’s advice I then checked the fuse, which had blown. I replaced it with the spare that Naim fortunately includes in the fuse mount. Unfortunately the device remains cold and dark. I have rechecked the replaced fuse which is fine. It seems I will have to visit the dealer.

Sorry to hear that. If the fuse has gone, as a very very long shot, is it worth checking the fuse in the plug as well? Pretty unlikely but you never know…

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Thanks for that suggestion. In Australia we don’t have fuses in our power plugs and the circuit breaker has not tripped. There is a UnitiQute 2 on the same circuit that is still functioning.

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Exactly the same for me on my Core : first “Upgrade Error” on the app and Core unresponsive, but it seemed as the upgrade in fact still continued in the background because after a WiFi off/on the Core reappeared with the message that “Upgrade successful”.

The UK is the only country in the world to protect its people with fused mains connectors. Every other country relies on the consumer unit (sometimes known as the ‘fuse box’) for protection.

I have left the Core with the dealer. Waiting to learn what is wrong with it. I’m hoping the hard drive and its music survive as I have never achieved a full back up via the Naim App. I have backed up separately by copying all new additions to separate NAS drive files but they’re not organised the same way as the Naim App does. I was really wanting the touted improvements in the Core firmware to allow me a proper backup routine.

All a bit worrying, hope you get it fixed soon.

However, my Core states it’s firmware 2.5.3 (3863) is up to date ?!

(I have the whole library backed up to an external HDD.)

If you power off restart the Core and also restart your app, it should flush out the update.

What is the consensus on this new firmware…have people done it with no issues? Always nervous to mess with things if they are working just fine and see these threads with issues.

No issues so far for me, although I haven’t been using it that much lately.

I have been running it in beta for months and it’s fine.

Did mine a couple of weeks ago, functioning perfectly.

Mine also good , had to do a power down after update ,it reported failed update , pulled the plug for a couple of minutes, restarted ,all fine since then :+1:

Thanks all,

Core is still with the dealer. I called late last week - no diagnosis, apparently they are waiting for communication from Naim. I’m not encouraged by the “non-response” but I’ll have to wait.

An update. The dealer called and will replace a failed power supply. Unfortunately there will be a delay while they wait for the part to come from the UK ~ 6 weeks. I can’t really comprehend a connection between the firmware upgrade and a power supply failure other than that would have been a rare restart for the Uniti Core as it stays on, in standby, when not active.

Thanks for the news update. It’s what I expected actually.

There is no connection between the firmware update and the power supply failure. It’s unlucky coincidence.

With luck it will take less than six weeks….