Uniti Core/NDX2 with New Network

Hello all,

I am not very adept with networking issues and hoping this forum can shed some light on some queries.

I am thinking of changing internet network for my home to fiber optic. This will necessarily involve creating an entirely new network.

My questions are:

  1. When re-connecting my Uniti Core to the new network, will I have to start from scratch? I ask because I do not see anything in the Core network settings in the Naim app allowing me to choose a different network. Similar question for my QB2 (nothing in its settings in the app allowing me to select a different network).

  2. Will my NDX2 suffer in performance if only connected via Wifi? I ask because the installation of the fiber optic internet will involve the wires entering my basement (where the cable company’s router will be located). My NDX2 and SN3 will remain in the main floor lounge where the NDX2 has always been connected directly to a cable modem, but obviously no longer. Will the NDX2 perform less (sonically and losing connection) if only connected via Wifi?

Thank you.

Can you expand on this? Are you changing your router, or just adding a fibre switch of some sorts

I will subscribe to a new internet service, and the service provider will provide me with a new modem/router.

Ah I see, you you are changing from a copper cable connected internet modem in your main room, to a fibre connected router in your basement.

Assuming your new router’s wifi signal reaches the room with little barriers, I cant see how a WIFi connection would be a problem. Lots on here use WiFi successfully. However have you considered possibly having a little network switch in your Main room, and run a network cable from it to the basement router
(sorry, no idea about the Core)

Thanks @GadgetMan , good to know re WIFI.

I will wait for forum feedback on the Core.

I think the core should be fine - it knows it is connected to a network by cable and so doesn’t need anything else. At least I don’t recall ever having any problems with mine when we got fibre to the premises

Oh and I got a new Core come to think of it a year or so ago and just plugged it in…

Wireless access points are generally best connected high in the room, so with your ISP supplied router in the basement tou may find that coverage above is poor. It’s impossible to say for sure as this will depend on the distances involved, construction, etc. If it doesn’t work reliably you should ideally run an Ethernet cable to the floor above, or perhaps use a mesh system of WiFi extenders.

Re the Core point, there are as Tim says no setting changes you need to make. It just picks up an IP address via whatever is currently plugged into its network socket.

Thank you gents, I will see how it goes when ISP changes.

@ChrisSU Unfortunately, fishing Ethernet cables upstairs is outside the realm of possibility.

Sounds like you may need to consider a Mesh WiFi setup then, but at least its something you can add later

Are you sure? Electricians routinely run cables to every corner of the building and would have no trouble installing an Ethernet cable. Alternatively talk to your fibre installer who may be able to help.

If that’s really not possible a wireless network extender, ideally a properly installed mesh setup, should give you the coverage you need. The NDX2 has decent WiFi performance, or you could run an Ethernet cable from a nearby extender.

You may, of course, get lucky and have reliable performance without doing any of this, but if not, you have options.

Hi again,

I have set up the new network. The Naim app found the NDX2 fine. The Naim cant however find the Core. Both the Core and NDX2 are plugged into the new modem/router via Ethernet cable. I’ve tried restarting the Core with no luck. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the Naim app with no luck. I tried setting it up as a new device but the app searches for the Core forever but never finds it. How can I get the Core back on my new network?

Have you tried

  1. A different network cable to the Core
  2. Full Power off then on your Naim app device (presumably your phone)
  3. Full Power off modem/core/ndx2, wait 2 mins, start modem, wait 5 mins then start NDX2 and Core, wait 5 mins, then try again

Hi @GadgetMan After reading your message, I tried that process twice. Still no connection. I am at a loss. NdX2 and QB2 found the new network without any hitches.

The Core is plugged into the modem/router with an Ethernet cable, but the modem/router doesn’t even see the Core.

Just a thought, have you tried the Core ethernet cable in a different port on the modem in case its a dead port?

Also take a very close look at the port on the Core to see if any pins are bent, or debris has entered

Checked that. Man, I miss Sonos.

Have you checked the two lights on the Core Ethernet socket? You should have one solid and one flashing when data is being transmitted. If not then there is no network connection.

Edit: I seem that @BrettC had this problem a couple of years ago. Sent the Core back to Naim but no post was made regarding resolution. Maybe he can help.

Thanks @Paul52135. Yes, I get simultaneous flashing and solid lights on the rear of the Core.

Not sure what else to try.

Frustrating to say the least, especially right before the holiday season.