Uniti Core Update - SQ

I updated my uniti core this night and the SQ changed. Before the update the sound with the combo uniti core + nd555 was smooth, open and with lots of depth, now it’s thin and stiff in comparison.
I don’t know, it might be just a feeling, I hope it’s the restart and tomorrow it will sound at least as good as always…
Anyone else made the update and experience a different SQ?


I did not realize there was an update for the core. After reading your post, I will hold off for a while.

All good here after update

What does the update do? Bit hesitant with it after reading this.

It fixes a bunch of bugs…there was no mention during beta testing of any SQ changes.

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There is a list of things it does in the thread about it that Richard posted yesterday. It sounds the same to me, but I have been beta testing it for a couple of months.



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I searched for Core Update and couldn’t find a thread, but see the list in the app / though it was mostly double Dutch to me…


If it persists it might be worth pulling the power socket from the rear of the Core wait a few minutes and then repower.

Yes, as Gazza suggest, if you feel the sound is off then I would do a hard power cycle.

I just did the update with no problems, sounds the same to me using SPDIF out to my Mscaler/TT2 Dac. Are we supposed to update the APP too? If so, how do I update the App? I noticed when going through the settings on the Core, under other settings, there is Amazon store, which I had set to UK, but live in Canada…so I changed to Canada. What exactly does this feature do?

I’ll have to check but I think it’s re. artwork retrieval.

The SQ is great today. I guess it was me and not the system yersterday :slight_smile:

Thanks all.


I think it’s to do with recommendations if you follow the Rovi information link in the app actually. (But I admit I don’t actually know that.)

@NO-QUARTER you update the Naim app in the same way you update any smartphone app. Exactly how you do that depends on whether it’s an Android or Apple device.




Well I use an iPad to control my Core, so I deleted the App, thinking I would just download the new one…wrong. When I originally installed the Naim App, I was using a different email account, which, for the life of me, I can not remember the password to. I tried several times to remember the old password, no luck, so right now I have no App to control the Core, ugh! Things like this is why I hate computers, and chose the Core in the first place. When I have time, I will have to try and reset the email and password, but for me, these things are never easy…good thing I now have vinyl.

This isn’t a Naim issue. You don’t need an email address to download the Naim app. But you do need to be logged into Apple’s App Store. So it’s your Apple ID and password that you have to try to remember. (That may well have been your email address and password but it doesn’t have to be.)

I assume you don’t use your iPad for anything else since not being signed into your Apple ID pretty well cripples the iPad. If you get nowhere remembering your Apple ID password then you may be able to reset it or alternatively you could forget your old Apple account and start a new one. It’s not difficult to do and is free, but it’s quite hard to explain remotely. So I suggest you might want to recruit the help of a friend or relative who is more familiar than you with how the Apple ecosystem works.



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If you used another account at that time, but have a current one which is logged in to the App Store:
Just search and download again with the current account. There should be no harm in that.

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Thanks for the suggestions guys, I managed to reset my Apple ID, and was able to download the new App. All is working again, and I made sure to write the password down and put it in a safe place.

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I use the native « Notes « app on my iPad. All my passwords are noted there, protected by a code number pass.

Great idea. What if your iPad gets stolen? I have all my passwords tattooed on my inner thigh. That way only I get to see them unless of course I am swimming. Oh bugger.