Uniti Display Problem

Hi everyone,

I am completely new to Naim and just started up my new Uniti Star. It all seemed to work fine until I connect to Bluetooth and suddenly the display starts acting up: I.e. erratically skipping the NAIM logo / Home Screen view in a sort of constant high frequency slide show mode - image repeating in a swishing movement permanently.
Any ideas what this is and how to fix? Tried factory reset and powering off/on already.

Thanks a lot!

Does this happen after you have successfully connected to Bluetooth? Which device are you connecting? Is it the same with all bluetooth devices?

It actually started the first time after I successfully connected to Bluetooth and the track plaid. Device connected was my iPhone, streaming from tidal directly (not via Naim app). I have no other Bluetooth devices and haven’t tried any other music source (like network connected hard drive etc) yet. But it still was the same after I shut down system, disconnected Bluetooth connection and restarted system.

OK thanks. Possibly one for @tomvamos , otherwise have you contacted your dealer or Naim support yet?

Rolf - can you post a picture of the screen?

I’ve had screen display corruption on a Nova and was convinced it was a faulty screen.

Power the Star down, turn off the power at the socket if you can. Then unplug the power lead from the Star. Leave it off for 20-30 mins then replug the lead into the Star making sure it’s firmly in (assume it has a wobbly decoupled socket like the Nova so it can be difficult to know). Switch power on at the socket and restart.

It may be a different issue but I’ve corrected mine in the past doing this, I believe when I added a Powerline it wasn’t ‘fully in’ which may have been the issue or I’d not islated at the socket (if it’s switched) before plugging in.

Hi Rolf,
Via the Naim App/Settings check your Uniti Star is running Firmware 3.7.1 (if it isn’t, update it.)

You then can use TIDAL Connect to stream direct from the TIDAL App to your Uniti Star - it will be easier and far better quality than Bluetooth.

More here on TIDAL Connect:

In general, it’s best to see Bluetooth as a last-resort option; your Uniti Star offers so many other better ways to listen.


@Naim.Marketing : Absolutely, I was never actually aiming at using the Bluetooth connection, just used it to make sure the unit plays - one thing I didn’t mention: I had received an Atom before which didn’t start up and I had to resend right away, changed to Star in the same instance, so just wanted to see that it started up and played music ok. It did, but it also immediately started the screen issue.

So now before I explore any better ways of streaming, I need to simply verify if I need to send my Uniti back again or not.

As for the fault: Here’s a screenshot, but it would be much clearer on video (which I can’t seem to be able to upload here). Imagine the duplicate copy of the NAIM logo you see on left flickering on left and right of the original position in high frequency. If I change to Home Screen it does the same thing there.

I read about the disconnect power main solution in an old naim chat. Did disconnect, will reconnect tomorrow and hope it resolved. But this doesn’t seem to be a real solution, even if it works.

That looks quite different to what I had.

Will be interesting to know what the cause is.

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