Uniti firmware downgrade

Since ‘upgrading’ to 3.2, I’ve had nothing but issues with my Atom. Never been used on wifi, hard-wired and Draytek router used. Sometimes when turning on, say to an optical input (Sky Box), I have to change to another input then back to the Optical input before sound will come on. Screen freezing, no volume showing, etc… tired of pulling the plug to get it back working. Have requested instructions for downgrading, yet to hear from Naim.

A firmware update is, apparently, in the works.
I have contacted Naim a couple of times and unfortunately have had to wait nearly a week for a reply on both occasions, others seem to get a reply within hours.

Naim have confirmed their as an issue with this firmware… I have had some other issues with this version that might be related to some networking issue introduced in the latest firmware. The Atom often refuses to switch to Roon input or switches it from Roon after about 30sec of playing music. It never did this before and support have said this is an issue they know about and should be sorted in the new firmware they are currently testing. It could be unrelated but then stranger things happen.

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