Uniti Nova Blinking 424, Unresponsive

Was updating the firmware on my Uniti Nova a few days ago via the Naim app on my phone. All seemed to be going ok, but slowly. Left it with an “updating” screen going overnight. Returned 24 hours later to the same screen. Unit was frozen and the update had crashed/failed. Power light blinks in a 4 2 4 pattern.

I have tried multiple factory resets, removal from power for extended periods of time. Phoned Naim tech support on Friday and they suggested that it is a “streaming board” software problem and that I should reboot the machine (ie supply power) with an ethernet cable attached to my router so that the software could sort itself out.

Have now tried this multiple times including leaving the machine attached to ethernet with power applied since there does seem to be some network activity based on the blinking lights on the ethernet port.

Any further suggestions here? Is there a way to flash the software with a new install? Does appear to be a software problem that is preventing startup.

I had another pattern on the NDX2, 254 if I recall, and it had to go back for inspection. They did a special reset that is not customer accessible. But I suppose the Naim support is in the best position to know what can and needs to be done in your case

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