Uniti Nova over heating in standby mode

I have a 1 year old Uniti Nova that I have had to unplug as the unit is getting hot while in Standby mode. Has anyone also seen similar issues with the Uniti range? This has happened twice in the past week, I’m wondering if it’s related to a firmware upgrade. Thanks

when you say over-heating, do you just mean it gets hot or that it shuts down if you try to power up?

The Unitis remain warm when In standby and casework is also heatsink.

Richard that’s for responding so promptly. Yes to clarify the unit gets very hot in standby mode. No music playing and display is not on. Measured over 95 degrees with a digital thermometer. I don’t play the unit loudly since we moved to a condo. The unit has been in standby mode for a few days and seems to get very hot. This has happened twice in a week. It’s strange!

I hope that’s Fahrenheit! Do you have anything plugged in to the USB? My Nova would stay quite warm in standby mode when I had a USB plugged in and would be stone cold in standby without the USB.

OK, maybe something for your dealer to investigate or perhaps ask Naim Tech support if it’s normal or not.

Good point on the USB, I double checked and no I just have an SD card plugged into the rear slot.

Take the SD card out and see if it still gets hot, I was using a USB SD card.

95 F (which is about 35 C) doesn’t strike me as that hot, and if it’s in network standby rather than deep sleep, I wouldn’t be that surprised.


If it’s running in server mode it will consume more energy in standby as it will potentially be serving the SD card contents to other devices on the network.


Ok I will give that a shot… Thanks

Yes, indeed, there’ at least 3 conditions I know which makes it (I have an Atom, but same logic) “stay warm”:

  • USB drive connected. (Might be the same with SD card, I understand your case as confirmation.)
  • Server mode on. (Which IMHO only makes sense, if a drive is attached already.)
  • HDMI port connect and Uniti configured to “watch it”, i.e. to wake on signal from HDMI. (My most recent learning.)

All of these make the unit not switch to the secondary low-power transformer; since it seems it needs more power than this one can offer (keep electronic and WiFi/LAN powered to act on incoming network traffic - App, Airplay, Chromecast, …).

An alternative is “deep sleep”, which means pressing the power button on the unit for 3+ seconds. It’s effectively off afterwards; hence, needs to “(re)boot” (taking longer to be ready for action) when powering up again (again, only from front-port button).
But significantly better than “pull the plug”.

The “transformer should be warm/energized all the time for best audio performance” faction will tell you, it’s better to keep it powered on. (Just for completeness of information.)

Things get more noticeable, if ambient temperature is higher. (As it is hereabout currently.)


I would add that Server mode only makes sense if a drive is attached and you use the Nova as a UPnP server to play music on other streamers on your network.

I’ll add that to my list of conditions/observations. :wink:

I have pulled all the connections to the unit including the SD card and the Nova is still getting quite hot. Wondering if I need to do a factory reset… looking for options I don’t know how long a repair would take in the time of COVID.

My Nova gets quite hot in standby in Summer, especially if it gets a bit of late sun at the end of the day through the window. I’ve never really worried about it.

How is the temperature in your room?
Actually it’s 38 C outside, and no air. My preamp and switch were very hot today. I preferred to shut off my entire system and wait till it will be less hot outside.

The room temperature varies between 22 to 23 degrees. It’s on a Salamander Media unit (see pic) no direct sunlight.

Hello, I cycled the unit off and removed the SD card and restarted the unit. I checked it this morning and it seems fine, now I did take the unit out of standby mode and it seemed fine. I now understand that the Uniti Nova has a couple of power modes. I wish the NAIM app had better descriptions for each setting. Thanks for the help


Richard thanks I did send a note to support and have an open ticket.