Uniti Nova REL subwoofer connection

What is the best way to connect a REL subwoofer such as T series to the Nova? Nova has 2 preamp outs and REL prefers highlevel outputs via Speakon connector. I have read many opinions on forums, and frankly quite confused what’s the right way. Appreciate help please. Thanks!


  1. Nothing should be plugged into preamp-out.
  2. Highlevel-out is not recommended for Naim.
  3. Use splitter to merge L+R preamp-out and plug into low-level-input but that effectively shorts L&R on Naim.
  4. Bass always come through both channels so just plug L preamp-out to REL low-level-in. This sound absurd to me. Bass strings are seldom mono or in the center.
  5. Use the Speakon connection but at the speaker end, not the amp/Nova end. I don’t understand difference this should make.
  6. Use the Speakon connection, it doesn’t affect front speaker SQ as subwoofer-in usually has very high resistance.

Thanks again.

Traditionally REL have favoured a high level “reference” connection. This is possible with Naim, but with one caveat - that it’s much better to connect from the terminals on the back of the speaker than the terminals on the amp (that way the amp does not “see” the cabling to the sub and any possible instability can be avoided). You just need a connection to the positive connector on each speaker and at a negative connection to at least one of the two speakers. The cabling doesn’t need to be anything fancy and can be thin and unobtrusive. IIRC we used to use Chord Leyline.

Using the third option sounds like the best idea, as a proper Y cable will have resistors included that prevents the L & R channel being shorted out.

A left-field option is another sub that will connect off the RCA sub-out on the Nova, which is what I do.

Thanks XMB. I am not familiar with Y cable with built-in resistor inside but I will research into this. That said, if there is no resistance in the sub itself to isolate L & R, would that effectively cancel out whatever resistance built-in to the Y cable?

Thanks heaps Richard.Dane. The keyword here is “see”. This is definitely one option I am keen to try out. I wonder if the science behind is the same as that of Naim speaker cable where it must be at least a certain length. I don’t want in any way hurt the Naim so I want to be sure before attempting.

Heehee, I would love to go stereo sub. Thats for sure. The question is cost, space / placement and whether there will be too much sub or not. After all, it is for music listening and not movie sound effects. Lets see what my financial controller say…

The Y cable L & R connections plug in the Nova and the single RCA connects to the sub. The resistors in the Y cable stop the L & R shorting but summate the signals for the sub, problem solved.

With Naim’s own N-Sub they provided a high level input, and suggested in the manual that it was likely to give the best sound quality, so I think you can cross that one off your list!

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I have also been looking to add an REL S 212 to my harbeth 30.2’s. On the REL site they say they have developed a special cable to connect to Naim Amps. The following is from RELs web page. (Richard I hope this is permitted…)

Bassline Blue™ is a sensibly-dimensioned cable, well-constructed so that it will improve the overall sound of every aspect of the host system’s performance…

What’s In a NAIM? These same benefits are available to most NAIM owners—especially the older, classic models. These units feature an unusual output impedance that is quite complex. REL worked closely with NAIM engineers to model this behavior and arrived at a special circuit built into each NAIM cable that replicates this impedance so that it is safe to run Bassline Blue on early NAIMs. We even sourced a wonderful stackable banana plug that makes it so easy to use the cables, just plug them in to NAIM’s flush-mounted chassis banana sockets and then plug your speaker cables directly into the rear of our stackable banana plug.

Correction: I am looking at the S 510. I also have a Nova but am using in conjunction with a 250DR - which is what I would connect the Sub too.

I also have an S/510. Although I’m not using it with a Naim amp I tap off the speaker terminals as Richard describes. You can use the stock cable the sub comes with and split it into thirds or buy one from REL pre-made. No need for resistors and stuff. But do read and follow REL’s setup guide.

The Bassline Blue would save the hassle of having to split a regular Rel Speakon cable, as well as allegedly being a sound quality upgrade. Rather expensive in the context of the OP’s T-series sub, but still perhaps worth considering. I imagine a decent dealer would be able to make up a suitable cable too, with a Speakon plug for the sub and whatever termination you need on the other end. Then you would get the exact length you need.

Thanks heaps ChrisSU, I used to assemble a fair number of cables and will definitely try this. I wonder if I should try 4 cores on each side
in star configuration… Thanks again!

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