Uniti Star CD unreliable detection

I’ve had two new uniti stars now, and both have exhibited cd problems where cds get stuck, not detected, and require a hard reboot to retrieve the cd. I can’t find a pattern to it. Am I alone?

me too, had it for a little more than one year before it failed to detect & read CD, and finally get the CD stuck inside. Took it to the dealer and got the news yesterday that the parts has arrived (after around 4 months or more) and will be installed next week.

All at no charge, the dealer (&Naim) did a very good customer care. The 4 months waiting for the parts is understanable considering how screwed up the logistic business lately (and the schmucks manning our custom office)

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Had mine about 3 years and had no problems at all with the cd player/ripper

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So a repaired and tested Star came back to me and instantly can’t recognise CDs. Hard reset to recover. Oh and it crashes. Power button flashes a cycle 4 2 5. Mains unplug needed to recover.
I had cyrus and mission for thirty odd years, rock solid. Naim a premium brand, hmmm?!
SA35 is out soon.

Noting Uniti Star problem CD
this looks systemic.

I would recommend to keep the star for amp and streaming duties.
For cd ripping, you can buy a second hand Innuos mini, around 500 euros.
The cd part of the Star is a well shared problem here, since maybe 3 years. Not all encounter it, but some on here.

I’m thinking of getting everything professionally ripped once and for all.
And then if I’m really missing discs any transport will do I guess. I’m missing my arcam cd33 already.

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Why not ask your dealer to liaise with factory for you to return Star, if you have had two troublesome units and to receive ex-dem / refurbished versions of both Core and Nova? Never had an issue with either.
Win-win perhaps? Good luck

Same problem for me, after the substitution of two units of Star I changed with a Nova and external cd player.

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Oh don’t worry I’m on that and they are, again. They’ll replace until it works or I lose patience and ditch the brand. Annoying though.