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I’m new to the forum – and also to Naim products too.

Apologies if these questions were answered before - a cursory search didn’t provide the answer.

I recently purchased a Uniti Star. A bit more fiddly than anticipated to set up but the sound is rich and glorious.

I bought the Star not only because of its streaming capabilities but because I have a large CD collection built up over many years. And this unit offers the option of ripping these CDs as well as simply playing them.

Embarrassingly, I can’t seem to find any functions for the built in CD player apart from Play / Stop / Eject. I’ve tried the app as well as the remote and the front panel.

Obviously an operator error on my part. When playing CDs I like to shuffle and repeat - either single tracks or entire album. Pretty straightforward really.

Also, I’ve been trying to program podcasts and radio stations via the Naim VTuner website and although I input the correct information it won’t transfer across to the Naim app or Uniti Star. Again, must be an operator error.

Thanks for your help in advance.

You did read the instructions…?

Hi Ian,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I had already read the Quick Start instructions you posted the link for. Plus I looked at the Uniti Star page on the Naim support website but information on the CD player functions are sparse.

I appreciate that CDs are now old technology and most people probably listen via streaming on their Star but even the first wave of CDs machines in the early 1980s had shuffle and repeat functions - as does a £20 model from a pound shop these days.

So, it’s hard to understand why a £2.5k unit which purposefully features a CD player can’t provide these simple functions? It can’t be that hard to add the functionality to the Naim app software can it? Or is the CD unit they installed not capable of anything but play and stop and track selection?

Again, apologies if this has already been discussed at length elsewhere but I couldn’t find it.


Maybe our esteemed leader can help, here…?


I never used the direct play when I still had my Star so cannot remember if there was a fix for what you want. But it is important to note that the Star is not a CD player in the traditional sense. It has a CD-ROM drive so whether you buffer or rip it always rips to memory as well. It has been built to favour ripping CD’s to storage as opposed to be a CD player first. Perhaps this is why some CD player features are missing.

I’ve never used a Uniti Star. What does the manual or the online support portal say?

This thread may help:

Neither the quick start guide - there is no manual - nor the online support mention shuffle. However, the thread you linked indicates it’s possible. If shuffle is possible then you’d expect repeat to be as well. These are the icons when using upnp; hopefully they will get the same for CDs….

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Thanks for your replies. It does seem a bit odd there is so little information on the CD capabilities especially as the Naim blurb clearly states …

Uniti Star’s exceptional CD playback will bring new life to your CD collection

Sound-wise I have no complaints at all. It is fantastic. But being about to simply shuffle & repeat my CD collection would make it even more fantastic.

Did you purchase from a Naim dealer?
If so they may be able to help

Have you looked in the app to see if the two icons I highlighted are present when you are playing a CD?

That’s the Now Playing screen HH has shown you. You get it by tapping the volume control area at the bottom of the screen when something is actually playing.

Good news. Thanks for your replies. Yes, those tiny icons on one of the CD pages on the app do allow repeat and shuffle. Odd it wasn’t mentioned in the instructions or the Star support pages so maybe the feature was added later. But thank you for your help :+1:

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I love most of Naim products, and have used many over the years, but one thing I find so mind boggling these days, is the complete absence of a “real” product manual for something that costs what it does. The Quick Start guides are okay, but barely. Come on Naim, step up the game here please! And yes, I am all for being green and saving paper and the planet, but……


I have a Star, but rarely use the CD player. I have found the lack of front panel controls for a function that requires you to physically approach the device (inserting a CD) baffling. But as mentioned, I use that rarely enough to make it a real issue.

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…when it comes to you and your amplifier, that doesn’t matter?

Sure it does, I turn my amps off after I am done listening to them. Oh sacrilege as far as Naim goes. Then again, my next amps may be class D, save some more money….ahh who am I kidding? :slightly_smiling_face:

Do it!

The Naim manuals are not that polished, the supernait 3 manual has images of the amp with icons completely imperceptible, at least they should correct it on the online pdf manual.

Bad Naim, the images are very important for the back and the legend should be clear, what was in their mind to use low quality images on the diagrams.

Bad bad Naim, please correct at least the online ones.

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