Uniti2 UPnP Issues with mconnect app / Qobuz

Hi all! I have the following problem and hope someone knows any fixes.

Setup: I own a Naim Uniti2 and use the mconnect app on my iphone to stream Qobuz directly to the Uniti2. I also use Roon via a Bluesound Node but at times prefer using the amp’s own UPnP streamer.

The problem: I can stream 16bit Quobuz files no problem. However, as soon as I switch to 24bit or higher the playback keeps pausing (as in buffering), then continues. It seems like it is buffering / like there is a speed problem. This issue appears both with the Uniti2 connected via Wifi as well as hardwired via ethernet.

Fun fact 1: To my surprise it does not appear when I use mconnect to stream the same 24bit audio to my TV (although this might be a cast instead of UPnP).

Fun fact 2: I put a WAV file on my iphone, selecting it as source in mconnect instead of Qobuz the Uniti2 plays like a dream!

Did anyone ever experience similar issues? Fixes are very welcome! Thank you in advance!

I had lots of issues with mconnect, I even tried to contact them for support. I gave up on it and now use bubbleupnp server on a raspberry pi 4 which creates an openhome renderer out of the nds and I use the Linn app on my iPhone to search, choose and play music on the nds through the bubbleupnp server. It is stable and I’ve had no issues.

Thank you. That might be the next step. It would just be so lovely if there is a solution for this. My needs are not exactly advanced. I think :slight_smile:

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