Unitiqute 1 vs 2 or atom ? Which one for a second system?

Hi Guys,
I am considering buying a Unitiqute for a “bedroom-system”. Small box is perfect for this.
Would like to connect the TV as well as use it for streaming NAS and radio.
I fell a bit in love with the Unitiqute.

Found a really good Unitiqute 1 (one of the last ones) but read that the Unitiqute 2 is better in sound.
Is there a great difference between the 2.
Should I wait until a number 2 in good shape crosses my way?

I heard the Atom has more air, but less warmth in sound. Therefore the uq2 will be first choice - but the atom looks sooo good :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot helping with Unitiqute decision!

An now I am looking for the atom also :slight_smile:

One thing unclear about the atom is the capability of display off. Is it possible to have all lights off (toggle, buttons and logo) only lightening the display when used. e.g. being the volume when watching movies.


As far as I know, you can’t turn off the lights of the buttons and logo, only the screen!

Correct; you can dim them in 3 stages, but not switch the logo or buttons off completely.

(People have mentioned „black cloth“ and other „solutions“ before.)

Are you thinking of the Muso? That has the 3 different brightness options, but I’m not aware that it’s ever been available on the Atom.
With the display set to ‘turn off during playback’ it turns itself off after a few seconds, but unfortunately the logo and buttons remain fully illuminated.

I know Atom and Nova; both can dim.
But you need to explore the physical remote to find out. (It’s not set via the app.)

Ah, that would explain it! I never use the remote. Horrible thing, mine is back in its box.

No-one has commented on Unitiqute versus Unitiqute 2.

I think I am right that the original UQ didn’t don’t have the 24/192 board, which would mean it is of very limited use to stream from internet streaming services.

Anyway the UQ2 is not expensive these days so I would definitely not go for a UQ1 personally.

Not all Mk1 Unitiqutes are 24/96, the board upgrade was introduced a while before the Mk2 arrived. Worth checking though.
I believe the main changes with the Mk2 were in a further redesign of the digital board for improved sound quality, so still worth looking for.

From the Atom’s FAQ:
7. Brightness button — Toggles through four brightness settings for the illuminated buttons, volume ring and Naim logo.

The uq is a later one with the 24/192 boards. It is one of the last ones.

“I believe the main changes with the Mk2 were in a further redesign of the digital board for improved sound quality, so still worth looking for.” … OK - this explains it.
I will look for a MK2 version!

I recently bought a UnitiQute 2 from a Naim dealer for only £350.

It’s excellent and at that price a bargain!

I briefly tried it in the main system and it quite reasonable and it should also make an excellent backup should anything need to go off for a service. It seems almost ridiculous that a half sized box does more than my 6 boxes!

Note: With the Qute you can turn the display off AND the logo,


That is a real bargain!
I will keep my eyes open for a cute 2 :slight_smile:

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What do you think is a reasonable price for a cute 2 - non Bluetooth version.
Found ne for about 700 pounds (850 Euro)
Think, that this is too much.

One thing to be careful of with a 'Qute is the display has a lifetime and does dim progressively. Mine ended up pretty much invisible in daylight. In theory once you have set it up using the main screen you can control everything from the app but it is worth bearing in mind. Displays aren’t available s/h either.

I went from an early Qute to an Atom and even putting aside the aesthetics it was a class above. If you can stretch to one you won’t regret it.


You can get the display fixed by Naim if you are in UK and it was a manageable price before the recent servicing price increase, (but I don’t know what they charge now).

I think it depends who is selling it. If it’s a Naim dealer and it has a decent dealer warranty then maybe £600-650, but if it’s a private sale then I would think more like £400-500 depending on whether it’s got the original display still or not.

New screens are available but I cannot say on the Naim forum.

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Forget to say. It is from a dealer (not naim special) but with 1 year warranty. The display looks fine on the pics and the dealer promised it to be fine. I have a 14 day return period as well. Price is 700.
Does the display fade continuously? If it is still bright - it should be fine. Or does it come all of a sudden with the dark displays. Do not need the display most of the time, but it should be fine anyhow.

Atom is fine also - but it bothers me a lot, that it could not be dimmed in total. Or only with change in settings menu. As I understand - the atom did not dim, when ne “button” pushed.
As I need it for movies as well, this will be a bad thing when the light is on…

Then displays dim gradually, obviously more slowly if the users have enabled the ‘display off’ setting.