Unitiqute 1 vs 2 or atom ? Which one for a second system?

Thanks a lot.
Standby for naim… :slight_smile: Thought that it should be turned on all the time.
This might be an issue in the bedroom :slight_smile:
How much can the buttons be darkened during usage - maybe it is similar to muso?

Hmmm - must can dim naim logo and the ring totally.

When playing with no screen display the volume ring is illuminated and all four of the Atom control buttons. There isn’t a complete dark mode as far as I can see anyway.

Just bought qute2 with new display :slight_smile:


Hope it works out for you, Drago. Enjoy your Qute2.


Not delivered yet - it is in Hamburg, but will be delivered on Monday … :slight_smile:

The qute has landed… wow… this is a fine machine. Sounds so lovely and is perfect in the second system.
Love it so much!

But… :o(
Something bad. Have for one day, but there must be something wrong. For second time it just completely disconnected to Wi-Fi.
I have strong Wi-Fi with good connection (Apple TV directly near the cute runs perfectly).
When it happens all is gone, which is net based (qute in app as well).
It suddenly came back after 10 or 15 min.
Just found a similar thread here but no answer. The user was from Germany - hopefully I did not got his qute, as I bought it used.
I bought it from a dealer - still in return period.
Any suggestions? Ethernet cable is impossible to manage…

Thanks - I am so sad, as I love it

Congratulations on your new Qute, glad you’re happy with the sound.

Although the wifi should work, it’s a known weakness of the first generation Uniti series that affected some people (myself included) back in the day. The Bridgeco chip was not the happiest choice and had a lot of strange weaknesses.

The best workaround to try, since a direct wired Ethernet connection to your network is not possible, is to use any wifi extender or mesh access point that comes with an Ethernet port; using this as a wifi bridge should solve your problem. I used a (then current) AirPort Express; you have a lot more selection now (and if you’re already using a wifi mesh system, a natural choice of hardware for your bridge).

Good luck and don’t let this minor hiccup get in the way of your fun.

The WiFi modules in the 1st gen streamers are dated and were always a weak point. You really want a wired Ethernet connection, it’s by far the cheapest and most reliable solution.

If you really can’t manage a wired connection (and lots of people start out thinking that way only to come round to the idea that they can really!) an improved wireless network such as a modern mesh setup may work reliably. Failing that a wired connection to a wireless extender is another option. An Apple Airport Express is the traditional suggestion here and a used one is cheap, but there are better modern alternatives available these days.

Thanks a lot.
I just thought about it, but Wi-Fi stopped suddenly during music playback and stayed „offline“ for 15 min. The system status tells connected Wi-Fi, but all Wi-Fi based actions are not working. Nas was not able to be accessed.

Will try a Wi-Fi extender with lan port and put him near the qute to connect him via Ethernet.

Too bad … have some major problems with my network after installing the repeater. e.g. My other devices struggle to log into the network - iPad and iPhone do need a long time for logging in.
Even with Lan I have some network problems with the Qute. But i will Go on ans Not gibt up so easily. Love the little machine

Has anyone tried a Powerline setup? The wired socket ones not the naim cables :slight_smile:

Powerline adapters, by design, put very high levels of electrical interference over your entire home electrical wiring, and beyond it. They can work, but personally I would avoid them.

If the ‘repeater’ you have installed isn’t working it could be down to the way it is installed, whether it affects your DHCP server setup etc. Hard to know unless you can say what it is and how it is connected?

Thanks so much, think, that its is the reason… It is installed on “auto mode” - pushing WPS at router and repeater.
How can I see, that it affects each other?
I am not much into network systems - and I avoided adding or changing the components - maybe I should - buy a new router as well?
Best from the same company (FRITZ) - and so I can (if I will be able to do so) install MESh as well

I ordered a new router … crossing fingers for its installation :slight_smile:

Good luck! There’s a lot of knowledgable people here who can help with settings if it doesn’t work with your new router. I solved my Gen 1 Muso issues with Airport Express, then after with cable between the Muso and router. My Atom HE works perfectly wirelessly, but I needed a cable to download the upgrade and reset when installing it. So having a cable handy remains useful.

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Need some advice - sorry.

First things first …
The cute is so wonderful - never thought, that such small box could sound like good old Naim big ones. Additionally it is in AAA condition. No marks - even under led light. Display new - end 21 replaced. It was at Naim service for display fixing and SW update. Nothing mentioned that they checked it for other defaults.

I have now plugged it in via lan and added a repeater. Nevertheless the same happened as before. Suddenly it lost connection to the network.
Diplay shows „please wait“ in network status and the input shows „initializing“.
This time it came back faster.
After that I switched it off and on. Powering up it did not find any network. Had to try it several times. After 10 to 15 min it came - connected fast every time, when powering up. Also plugged out the repeater (and have to reconnect muso afterwards)

Unusual for me to say, but I can live with a bit trouble - I love this little machine.

Any suggestions how to proceed testing.

And the most important question.
Could this be (on best guess):

  • a problem with a faulty qute
  • a network issue

If the latter - I will definitely keep the qute

Thanks !!!

Ps: during the time when the qute failed to connect, other devices as iPad stayed connected to wifi

Hi Drago,

I’d wait until you have your new router you ordered. Almost certainly this is a network issue as first generation uniti and muso products don’t have strong Wi-Fi connections. Naim have support pages including a general one on networks.

Your new router might solve all your connection issues, or you might be faced with a different set of challenges. Like are you replacing your existing router or intending to bridge them so the new one handles audio? I’m beyond my competence in that case. But many have gone this route.

Thanks a lot!
The qute is not in wifi as i already installed a Wi-Fi bridge with a lan port connected to qute.
Wifi is currently only the bridge from router (old one) to repeater.

Ok. Others will perhaps help you with settings but you will need to tell us the names of your equipment and if you are controlling your music with the Naim App and if you use IoS or Android? Perhaps make a new thread as this has drifted into network problems? IoS needs permission to see your unitiqute.

One thing to do is track the IP address being used by the Qute at various times. This is available on-screen and accessed from the settings (gear) button on the remote. If it is hopping around (ie a different number each time it eventually connects to your network), you may be able to settle things down via your router DCHP settings by telling it to “reserve” the address for the Qute. This is still a dynamic allocation (ie not the same as assigning a static IP address, which must be done with extreme care and this not recommended for non-experts), but it maintains consistency and, thus, is easier / faster for the Qute to join the network and know where it lives.

You can also verify that your wifi bridge is not re-routing traffic by checking that the first three groups (eg 192.168.1.xxx) are the same for your Qute as for other devices; if you have two subnets (he 192.168.1.xxx and 192.168.2.xxx) then things are more complex and you will need more info to set the wifi repeater into the correct “mode”. This probably isn’t an issue, but it’s definitely worth checking to verify.

Lastly, you can try leaving the Qute on after it has successfully joined your network, to see if it ever “loses” connectivity while powered up and operating. This is a different situation than the Qute having trouble acquiring an address and joining your network, so again it’s worth checking and confirming.

Good luck, it’s nice that you are (otherwise!) enjoying the music!


Thank you so much!
Very appreciate your help.
Have installed new router - installing was surprisingly simple. 3 days ago I didn’t even know what mesh means, and now I have a mesh network. :slight_smile:

The qute is always on. It lost the network recently during playback. After that I tried to reboot and it had problems reconnecting.

Hope that the new router plus repeater will do the job.
iPad and phone are connecting very fast.

The repeater is no single network - it is part of the master-network.

Qute is getting the same ip - Apple TV as well. Had also in mind, that the ip could be a problem.

The router shows gigabit for every lan connection, 866 Mbit for Wi-Fi devices, but only 100mbit for qute via lan. The repeater receives 975 Mbit and other devices having 866 as well when connected wireless to the repeater.

Update: had a small incident. When switching from web radio to upnp the message came up, that the input is initializing. But this was only 15 sec. On off brought it back connecting at once. Yesterday I had much more problems with it. Hope it stays…