UnitiQute 2 Regularly Loses Network Connectivity

I realize similar topics have been raised before; however, nothing I’ve read so far is exactly the same as the situation I am experiencing, so please bear with me. I have a UnitiQute 2 which is great. Until it loses network connectivity, which it does every 2 to 3 days. When that happens, if I’m lucky, I can nudge the UQ into reconnecting; otherwise I have to turn the power off and on again.

I am running a Deutsche Telekom SpeedportHome main router with a Speedport Home mesh extender, to which my UQ is wired. Now, please don’t all jump in and say it’s probably the wireless connection between the main router and the extender, because everything else in my network works flawlessly, and the same wireless connection streams 4k Netflix films without any issues. Furthermore, I experienced similar problems when I originally bought the UQ (from new) when running wirelessly, and it was the same with a different router from a different ISP.

It seems to me that something is definitely not quite right with the UQ. Does anyone happen to know if this is a known problem with the UQ2? I’m using DHCP and my firmware is up to date.

Any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated.

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Muso Qb2 is the only problem child on my Wi-Fi network; but it is the only Wi-Fi streamer on my LAN — everything else is wired.

Streamers have a unique requirement to remain connected. Other devices like phones could be up and down and you might not know it. Still, my phone does not ever need to be power-cycled like my Muso and your Qute.


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