Unitiqute 2 stuck on 44.1khz?

Hi, I have a unitique 2 with s/w v4.7

My tidal app is set to masters quality for steaming and wifi.

I don’t see in the naim app where I can check audio quality.

The problem I am having is that, when I use the Tidal within the Naim App, the song I am listening to is Masters quality; however, on the unitique 2, it only displays 44.1hz, should it not at 96hz or higher?

I emailed Naim but was told to check my settings and set it audio quality to masters, which it is.

Can anyone shed some light to this?

thank you for reading.

EDIT: I think I found my answer here: Tidal Masters in Naim app, Naim doesn’t support MQA…

You’re right, Naim streamers don’t support MQA. If you select an MQA album in Tidal, it will automatically choose a regular 16/44 version. Quite why Naim support told you to set Tidal to MQA, I have no idea. There is no such setting in the Naim app.

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