Unitiqute owner wondering where to go next?

Thanks David, FM is oft forgotten these days but to me a good tuner is one of the most cost effective pieces of audio equipment

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I have Neat SX2 speakers not SX5. My error

I don’t use the radio at all. I’m fact I rather detest the radio so that’s not a bother in the slightest. I’m glad to hear it does not digitise the analogue though. That’s good to know.

Thanks for the info regarding the screen. That’s very good to know post service.

Also just to note I have the UQ2 that has the rs232 input instead of usb. I believe there was a period of transition from one to the other. I do not have the DIN connector so assume I’d use the pre amp out with RCAs to a NAP100?

Would that not make it a UQ1 rather than UQ2? I was under the impression that the change to USB was some time before the 2 was introduced.

The UQ comes I believe in 4 variations. The UQ 1 has a 24/96 and 24/192 variation. I have the latter. I believe the only real difference in then what became the UQ2 is the usb and DIN connection? So yes potentially a UQ1 but with the gubbins of a UQ2?!

The Superuniti is an interesting proposition. Is the WiFi reasonable? I do want to be able to use Spotify of course and it won’t be a wired internet connection as it’s too far from my router

The original Unitis were not famous for having great WiFi performance. However, if your Qute works well over WiFi, a Superuniti might have the same performance.
When I had a Superuniti, nothing on earth would persuade it to work reliably over WiFi, and the only good thing about this is that it made me rethink my view that running an Ethernet cable was too much hassle. So I got out the drill, ran a cable, and never looked back.

A Uniti2 is another option, a step up from the UQ2 and NAP100 option.

Thanks Chris. Appreciate your guidance here.

My UQ has always had good connection although as I’ve never had the firmware updated I can’t comment on its reliability with streaming. I stream via a Chromecast audio plugged in at the back.

I like that the SU does not convert analogue to digital. That’s appealing. Sounds like while not as advanced as the Atom it might be a good step up in SQ?

I don’t have any CDs Mike. I ripped them all and then got rid of the CDs. Is that the only benefit over the SU?

I think you’ll find that a Superuniti sounds quite a bit better than an Atom, despite the dated streaming functions compared to the newer design of the Atom. If you are happy with the way the Qute works in terms of functionality, the SU could be a good option. The Atom will allow you to ditch the Chromecast Audio, and should still be a nice upgrade on the Qute, but it doesn’t have the same clout as the SU amp.

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The SuperUniti is a wonderful unit. I have two of them so I know of what I speak. I don’t use WiFi to connect them, but I think it will be the same as UQ2 in that respect. They are amazing value now and a massive step up from UQ2 in sound quality (one of them replaced a UQ2 that I was very happy with, but the SU is just much better).

They are legacy platform so not as developed as the new platform units for streaming from Tidal etc, but are excellent for local streaming.




Good to know. Yes the Chromecast was just a hack so to speak so I could wirelessly stream without the firmware update. Assuming the SU has the update the. I could stream straight to the unit. Thinking about it I could run a cable right up to my router with some DIY. Possibly not a bad idea that.

Thanks David for the advice, good to hear. How does the streaming work on the older devices. How do you access Spotify and stream? Does it simply shoe up as a device to stream to in the Spotify app?

I could keep my UQ for my office once it has been decorated. Run a small set of speakers from it.

A firmware update will allow you to run Spotify (and Tidal and BBC HLS streams) without the Chromecast, on either your Qute, or a Superuniti. You use Spotify Connect to stream to the Unitis, so yes, you can do this from the Spotify app. You also have the option of using Tidal lossless streaming, which should sound better than Spotify, although at a higher cost. I would recommend the wired connection, though.

The SU and the UQ2 are very similar in terms of what the firmware does. So yes Spotify and Tidal show up as items in the inputs list just the same. The SU has a better DAC and a more powerful amplifier than the UQ2 and many more inputs. Also it has a volume control on the front panel which is very nice.



Yes this all sounds wonderful. Now just to consider whether I stump up for the SU AND a service on the UQ or just service the UQ and stick with that. I feel like I’m going down the hifi rabbit hole again :joy:

Also, I noticed whilst fiddling around that the rear of the unit says do no use individual 4mm plugs for the speaker wire. Why is this? I’ve been using 4mm terminated cable for some time now

Regular 4mm banana plugs are fine. If you have the plugs supplied with the Unitiqute by Naim, I would use those, but as long as you have properly soldered bananas I wouldn’t worry about it.

One thing at a time! I would just get the Qute serviced first, and see how you feel once it is up and running.

I have a feeling you’re right yes. It does give me what I need and it’ll probably stave off the upgrade whim

Thanks for the clarification on the speakers. The Motives are maybe still a bit much. I used a Chromecast once and it was dreadful. I’d get the Qute fixed and updated and see how you do with streaming direct to it. There are then broadly three options - stick with the Qute as is, swap it for an SU, or add a used 200 power amp. I wouldn’t bother with the 100.

Thanks buddy. I don’t find the Chromecast audio terrible. Interesting you had that experience. I look forward to trying it direct if that’s a marked improvement. Duly noted on the speakers. That’s interesting insight

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