Unitiserve remains offline after update 1.7c

My Unitiserve and Superuniti were at Focal Naim Germany for revision. On the Unitiserve the drive was replaced, the software was updated to 1.7c and the BIOS battery was replaced. Since then I have not been able to connect the NAS drive to the network, although all music folders are available in the network overview.

In the Naim Desktop Client under Tools / Music Repositories / Scannable Network Shares the corresponding NAS folders are all set to Offline / Active = Yes / Scan Type = Automatic.

When you start the desktop client, you always get the following message: A newer system software is running on the music server to which you have established a connection. It is recommended to update this application to the latest version.

So far, Focal Naim Germany has not been able to help me.

Who has any information about this?

I believe there was an updated DTC, are you running this?

Bully, I have translated your post. Please only post here in the English language. If you require translation assistance then I recommend you use Google translate or something similar.

As Chris says. That is what your dealer should know. The revised DTC is on the disc that they used to do the firmware update with.

Think you need a new DTC version - as others has told.
Have you checked your Version against the one from the naim service - these are really nice guys there. They help a lot!

Here is a link to the DTC manual
DTC Manual

Latest version I find in the net (for download) is 2.0.2

There was a new version specifically for 1.7c and so far as I know, that isn’t on Naim’s website. I don’t have the Windows DTC anymore, so can’t easily check the latest version number. But their Technical Support people can supply it if you request them to.

Here click

is another topic on it!

Think this will sort out your problems!

I’ll upload 1.7c to a share site ….

and in that first folder:


Now the initial poster should be totally fine.
Come on @Bully2023 look in the forum

Morning thoughts
What about n-Serve for Mac.
Do not know the latest version number.
Mine is working fine with 1.7.c

The following text comes from Google translate.
Thank you for the extensive information. Unfortunately, I’m not a network professional. My DTC has version: Is this version 1.7b?? The server version via n-serve is 1.7c RC1.
I’ll be talking to Focal Naim again next week about updating to 1.7c. After that we’ll see. Then report to the forum.

Hello everyone, problem solved.
On the recommendation of Focal Naim, activated the Naim Hard Disk Player with Browser Flash.pm. Network adjustments can be made here. Strong tool better than desktop client.
Thanks again to the community

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Ok… Fine. Told you that they will help.
DTC is also a fine tool. I have the latest version here and I am from Germany…
But naim should also be of help with latest DTC version. Remember that I updated it when my hdx was updated to 1.7c

The latest desktop client is in the link I posted above; still active for another week.
The only noticeable change is with one of the DLL files going up 0.1.

Thanks … we have done all to help :star_struck:

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