I had my UNITISERVE-SSD repaired and when it came back it ripped CDs to its small internal memory instead of my Qnap Nas drive and now the memory is full and I can’t rip any more CDs I’ve tried to reconnect to the Qnap unsuccessfully I’ve put back to factory settings and to connect to a share it needs to be empty but obviously my Qnap is where all my music is but I can’t access it has anybody come across this before or know where I could take it in the Sheffield area to help me out!

Something similar happened in this thread, I think (as it turned out toward the end):

You must configure the Music Store to be the NAS, I believe. @davidhendon will be able to help with details

Unfortunately I don’t really know that much about the Unitiserve SSD. But I think what conceptually I would try to do is to configure a new Music Store on the QNAP. I think you start with an empty Music Share then you promote it to Music Store. You will need SMB1 to be enabled on the QNAP otherwise the Unitiserve simply won’t be able to talk to it.

Once you have a new Music Store then I think you can have the old Music Store as a Music Share (so the presence of the existing music isn’t a problem). Or alternatively maybe you can copy the old music into the newly established Music Store. Not sure if that breaks the Naim rules though. You need a UnitiServe SSD expert to help. If @Adam.Zielinski is around then he can probably explain as he has had many repairs to his UnitiServe SSD - indeed he used to run a broken UnitiServe club in the old forum, although it was mostly sympathy and humour that the members dispensed to each other, rather than actual help!


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