Unitiserve Stuck on Naim Disc logo and Static IP problem

I have a Unitiserve I am trying to access. I can access the Music folder over the network, but when I plug VGA into the Unitiserve it is stuck on the Naim Disc logo.

Also, anyone know how to change static IP to DHCP? Set IP tool doesn’t find anything. Any help would be appreciated. I would be kay with factory defaulting these things. No mention on how to do this.

perhaps @ChrisSU or @davidhendon will respond.

If you can see the Unitiserve music folder over the network then its obviously working ok. To talk to it you need to use the Windows DTC (it has to be the right version for the firmware I think) on a PC or Nserve for Mac on a Mac.

But I don’t know how to change the DHCP from manual to auto. I assume you do need to use the set IP tool, but it’s nothing I ever did. And I have no idea how to set one back to factory settings I’m afraid.

Chris may know or @Adam.Zielinski probably does too, although I haven’t seen Adam around recently.


It won’t connect using the desktop client. It’s like the SMB portion is fine, just the web and client communication is messed up. I might mention the front logo is flashing. This is a Unitiserve SSD

Almost certainly means the CMOS battery needs replacing in the Unitiserve. There was a thread about this a few weeks back where the Naim Service Dept joined in.


I was planning to give them a call tomorrow AM.

The thread I was thinking of is called Unitiserve Power Up Problem in the Streaming Audio room. @NeilS who posts there works for Naim I believe. Changing the battery is something you can do yourself if you confident about doing so, but you will need a VGA display and a PS2 keyboard.

If you phone Naim tomorrow, don’t call the Uniti Support telephone line because they don’t deal with legacy Uniti, so it’s the main support number at the factory you want.

A flashing front logo is indeed a fault indicator, so unfortunately this may be one for your dealer or Naim support to look at.
I’ve never tried to hook up a screen to the VGA socket, so I’m afraid I can’t help there. I’ve always used a Mac to connect, either via the N-Serve app, or by typing the IP address into a browser.
When you mention a static IP address, do you mean a true static IP address, which would have been set up via the SetIP tool? Or do you mean that an IP adress was reserved for the Unitiserve on the DHCP server? The latter is sometimes referred to as setting a static IP address, although it’s not really the same thing, and if this is what you mean, just look at your DHCP server settings to change it.
If it helps, there’s some info on how to use the SetIP tool here:

It’s written for the HDX, but I think still relevant to the US, and it does explain how to revert to a dynamic address if that’s what you need to do. Good luck!

It’s set with a static IP not a DHCP reservation.

I’ve gone through the Set IP tool and it doesn’t discover it. Both are on same subnet.

It’s not recognising it because the US isn’t starting up properly. You need to fix that first.

Have a look at the thread I mention.



Ill reach out to corporate tomorrow. Thanks David. FYI. We are a dealer here in the US

Well you don’t need my advice then!

Good luck with getting it sorted



Hey. Two heads are better then one. Thanks for your help.

I’m here - been on hols over the last weeks.

Unfortunately a flashing logo, especially when stuck, tends to indicate the US is stuck at a startup. Most likely a batter needs replacing - a service job I’m afraid.

It’s just weird because I can access the network music share and get to the webpage. Only thing is webpage just displaying the Naim disk logo.

Hi JNelson2000,

A failed CMOS battery would halt the POST at a checksum error, so this will be more in depth I’m afraid.

The architechture of the legacy server products is several bespoke services that run on top of the o/s, some of these services are reliant on others - if one cannot start, they all fail. The main o/s is running because you can see the n/w share. All of the Naim based utilities (SetIP, DTC etc) rely on one of these services, that will be why you cannot use these currently.

Some common reasons why these services may fail to start:
Corrupt music database (early versions of the 500 series SSDs had a bug in the firmware that caused random restarts causing data corruption). Current f/w 13***
Failed update causing services to be de-registered.
Optical drive cannot be detected.*

In order to assertain exactly what has happened will require a remote login.

*It may be worth checking the integrity of the optical drive and SATA/power cable - you may be lucky!


Thanks Neil. I am going to wait until I reach out to Naim tomorrow. I know the OS is XP embedded. I agree with you. It’s almost like the OS is fine and is booting up, but the Naim services are halted. Fingers crossed. It is an SSD and there is no music on it.

NeilS works for Naim, but seems to be too shy to admit it! He is the man to help you out here!



Hardest part is coordinating a time to remote access lol. Hopefully I can get this sorted out along with the static / DHCP issues. I have3 that have Static that I cannot change to DHCP

If you have static IP units that are otherwise working & the SetIP tool cannot detect them, change the router IP to the same address range that the unit is currently set to, the tool will detect it, then choose DHCP & restore the original router settings.