Hi, can anyone advise, my power went off with a jolt the other day and since then my system can’t find the Unitiserve, obviously the manner in which it went off is somewhat contrary to that advised by Naim. Anyone know of a simple fix that I can do, or is it a matter of returning to Naim for surgery!!
Cheers Dr D

What is the front panel logo light doing now? Is it on, steady or flashing, or off?Have you tried restarting the Unitiserve?

Currently it’s on as if working normally. I have switched it off and on several times as per the Naim manual, but it’s never found by the n-serve software.

I suppose you are using the US as a hard disc player into a DAC then? You don’t have a Naim streamer?

It’s a long time since I used nserve with a US, but I recall that you sometimes had to really handhold the nserve into finding the US, so navigate back to the source.

Does your US have an IP address? Are you sure that it’s on the same network as whatever nserve is running on?

My system comprise an NDX 2 as the source, NAC202, NAP250 DS, Supercap and ND5XP.
The US is connected via Toslink to the streamer and to a router. Usually however used WiFi with no problem.

System all on same network.

I suggest that you disconnect the Toslink lead. Then in your NDX2 you should select the servers input in the Naim app and you should see your US there. If you click on it, you should be able to browse and control it in a similar way to using nserve.

If you can’t see the US listed under servers, then it suggests that your US is off line, which would also be why nserve can’t find it.

If the US is off-line then I suggest turn it off again and turn off the NDX2, then turn off the router. Leave it off for a few minutes, then turn it on again and once it is fully restarted, turn the US and the NDX2 on again. And then repeat what is in my first para here.

Cheers I’ll give that a try. I looked at the set up new device in the Focal&Naim App, but there’s only the option for the Core, a shame really.

What you are maybe missing is that most people use the upnp method of sending data over the network between server and streamer rather than a direct digital connection.

So even with the Core, most don’t use the Core part of the app to play music unless they want to use the Core as a hard disc player into a DAC.

The Core part of the Naim app is used if you want to edit metadata, rather like you use nserve to do that with the Unitiserve.

Just about to try the system after network shutdown

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No Luck, but thanks for trying to help.

Did you try using the servers input in the NDX2?

Probably the key question is whether your Unitiserve has an IP address. Do you know how to discover that? If not then one of us can tell you how.