1 or 2 tb, what differences? only capacity? Was there a remote control?

The original 1TB was replaced by the 2TB version quite some time ago, so I would be cautious of buying one that old unless you are prepared to send it to Naim to be refurbished.
The remote was an optional extra, but not really necessary, as control is possible through apps on iOS, OSX and Windows devices.

coincided and exhaustive,
I will follow your advice :wink:

Also worth noting that the 1TB variant doesn’t have the downloads folder share which enables storage of non-Naim ripped music.


valuable information. thanks Neil

When the UServe was updated from 1 to 2 tb, more was changed that just the size of the hard drive. The motherboard itself was changed.

Personally I would not buy a UServe at all, but I’d REALLY not buy a 1 tb model. And I’m quite sure that Naim will no longer update a 1 to a 2.

in the sense would you buy a Uniti Core … or another machine?

I would not buy a Core. I would rip cd’s with a laptop, and buy a Roon Nucleus as a server, or a QNAP or Synology nas if you don’t want Roon. My wife and I happen to like Roon.

If I did not want to use a networked server, but connect directly to the streamer/player, I would investigate Innuos and Melco and Auralic. But I’m not familiar with them at all other than to know those names.

I’m pretty sure they can do this upgrade. In the UK, the fixed price servicing that Naim now have might even make it worthwhile to buy an old one and get it updated to current spec.

We can still update to 2TB.

The motherboard has always been the same though.


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the choice is for the cost? I should only use it for music, and I still haven’t figured out if the investment is worthwhile. Do a naim serve or core make you listen better to the music of a good nas?

Thanks for clarifying – I was pretty sure when I got mine done I was told it got a new mb.
Edit: Here is what was done; no mb:


Hi Luigi,

You will never get a definitive answer on this topic because the UServe has been very divisive. It has worked out for some but not for others, mainly because it’s power supply was unreliable and it’s price.

I am one of those owners who have had a good experience with it for the last 8 years.

In simple terms, you will find it difficult to better the UServe for sound quality, ripping into WAV and serving over LAN.

Buying a second hand one is a risk, so it really depends on how much you will pay and what condition it is in and even then…Anyway, if the price is low and you are fairly confident about it’s service history…


A 1TB version is going to be 8 or 10 years old, so even if it still runs, I would only buy one if I could get it serviced and upgraded by Naim. Otherwise the HDD, which also holds the OS, might die, and then it’s useless. It will also lack some features, including, as Neil says, a Downloads folder, so it can only be used for CD rips.

Good point Chris.

The Achilles’ heel of the legacy servers has always the operating system being on the same drive as the music library. Of course the SSD version doesn’t have this issue, plus the SSD used has proven to be very reliable. On the same note, the latest power supply has also been so. Operating systems have always been liable to fall over from time to time.
Naim can still support these products in every way.
They are still great products, if a little antiquated in this day & age.




I’ve had my Unitiserve for 7 years, and I’m still very happy with it. So if you can get one upgraded to current spec for a decent price, I would encourage you to go for it, but only if you are aware of its limitations. The biggest issue is that like all hard derices, it needs a backup. The only way to back up a Unitiserve is to a NAS. Once you have bought one and set it up, this is a good option, as you have a backup device that can not only store your music, but also play it if the Unitiserve ever fails in the future.
If, on the other hand, that all sounds like too much trouble, just get a £250 NAS, but instead of using it as a Unitiserve backup, use it instead of the Unitiserve, and buy a £50 USB hard drive for backup.

I had the unitserve for 3 years. Then addd a big linear ps to it. It was fine. However for 2k, my Melco n1a/2 sounds better. The unitserve, as new, with the linear ps, was about 4k.
If I was searching today a server/ ripper in one box, I would buy an Innuos zen mini or zen, instead of second hand unitserve. The unitserve is a bit prehistoric now.

What I didn’t understand is about using a united naim product. It is better unitiserve or better uniti core I have a higher quality having all naim components. Or I achieve an equally excellent result with a different nas (zen?). And if so which one?