Unity atom temperature

My unity atom runs hot (intermittently) 62 degrees plus doesnt matter whether in standby or being used.
When in standby and running normally at low temperature a click can be heard and 50 cps hum at low level, then case temp rises . Has been in for observation several times and no fault found any thoughts ?

The click sound is the relay which activates the main transformer when you turn it on. The hum is the noise from the transformer. Are you saying that this happens not only when you turn it on? That would suggest a fault.
60 degrees is quite hot. Is that the outer casing temperature?

Just to be sure, you are meaning Celsius here?

I have a Star and Atom HE and the never get anywhere close to 62 deg C or even half of that I would say. And I have server mode on.

Do you have a usb device plugged into it?

I also have USB plugged in and server mode on. That should not cause 62 degrees C. I mean that is almost the temperature some water boilers are set at. :grimacing:

In addition to what the others said, what speaker cables are you using and how long are they?


Absolutely it shouldn’t, but as per specification, network standby will still be using 15Watts. Not enough to gain 62degrees, but just as an experiment it may be worth removing it to confirm the temperature drops when not being used.

As per @Suedkiez the wrong type of speaker cables have been known to be a temperature issue.

Yeah and it certainly is noticeable. My devices run a bit warm to the touch even in standby.

In the positive column it means that the devices never play from a cold start so it does not need to warm up to achieve max performance.

Maybe de activate the Server mode?

Yes, measuring the casing temp and celcius.The click and subsequent hum comes from the speakers louder on the left than the right . Starts up randomly sometomes goes weeks ok and runs at aprox body temp. Spkr cables were provided by the dealer.Also
happens with spkrs disconnected At the moment unit at the dealer and functioning perfectly, have tried different speakers with the same result . As the repairers have never been able to instigate the problem I suspect that nothing has ever been loged and unit now out of warranty. Mains v 230 and stable.I am getting very frustrated. ( over temperature warning
appears also on screen)

This does not sound right. The unit will produce a slight hiss from the tweeters even when in standby when server mode is active or a USB is plugged in. But a hum?

Has it been tested at the dealer with your set of speakers? Is that not the problem? Perhaps also with your set of cables?

I would assume that if the dealer provided the cabling that should be fine.

I would ask Naim support first, then probably send the Atom to Salisbury

If you were driving the speakers really hard and using incompatible speaker cables the Atom might overheat, but certainly not when it’s in standby. There has to be a fault somewhere. If your dealer can’t find it you may need to insist that it goes back to Naim.

If the fault started before the warranty expired m you could expect any repair to be covered. Naim are usually very understanding about such issues in my experience.

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Bold assumption, during the past year while I was watching we had more than one overheating Unitis with dealer-provided cables that were just wrong.

I agree that the other symptoms seem to be pointing at an issue that is not cables, but maybe cables can be vetted while we’re at it …

Point taken but maybe less bold as I also assume the dealer would be testing it at his place with the cabling they supply. But who knows.

There seem to be very different kinds of dealers out there …

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True, I struck it lucky so that experience is stuck in my mind.

Me too, but then I see posts with e.g. an ND555 transported by the dealer without bolts (ok, things happen to the best of us) and the customer apparently being left to wonder and argue (just no! If this happened to my dealer, he’d be embarrassed, would lend me a replacement, and would pick up the ND555 for checking without an argument)

Here’s hoping the OP’s dealer will, well, uhm, deal with this.

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My Atom is in the IKEA shelf with door closed at all time, driving Totem Mani2 85dB speaker at volume around 40-60 level… it is a bit warm but never hot