Unity Core doesn’t RIP CD’s anymore

First I had the problem that my ripped CD’s didn’t got any metadata, fixed that after a lot of tries, no help from support by email request (maybe COVID stuff, not sure). Now the CD loads and gets the Metadata, but now the Core doesn’t rip anymore and it is impossible to abort the RIP so the CD ejects.

Anybody had the same challenge and may have a solution.!?

Did you try a power-off restart of the UnitiCore?



Check that the core still has a drive or NAS share configured as a store. Does your Core have an internal drive, or are you using an external storage medium?

In the past when my core has stopped begging able to rip it’s because the store has reverted to bring a share


I have switch the Core on and off many times, but this doesn’t solve the problem.

I have an internal HD and I have a backup HD in the USB poort.

I don’t see anything strange in the settings.

Have you tried switching off, unplugging, leaving for a while, then re-plugging, switching on, leave it a while longer to sort itself out?

Otherwise, I would get in touch with your dealer as it may be a cd drive issue.

Recently another user saw an issue which had some similarities to your problem and it turned out to be a faulty music store hard disc. You could test that by getting a USB stick, plugging it into the front panel, assigning it to be the music store in the core setup and then try ripping a couple of CDs. If that works then I would replace the internal hard disc and restore from your backup.



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That seems like a dramatic way to go.! I will try, as it seems there is nothing wrong with HD. Seems the software interface is just bad.

Keep you posted.

Just a quick question:

When I insert an USB in the front panel and create a new share, can I go back to the old share on the internal HD?

I have a backup HD in the back USB panel.

Just want to make sure I do not loose my music.

You aren’t creating a new share, you are creating a new store. That’s a very important difference. And yes you can go back to the old one, no problem.

As long as you don’t accept to format your old music store, then your music is safe. The backup plugged into another USB socket isn’t affected.



How do you know there is nothing wrong with the internal HD? The recent case I mentioned was one where the index on the HD had become partly scrambled, presumably because of a HD failure of some sort. It could still serve some music, but not all and it wouldn’t rip anymore.



Thanks for all the info and help, especially the clarification.

I was confused as the HD still plays the music and shows all the albums. That is why I thought the HD is still okay.

I will try this later and will let you know.

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