Universal Remote code for 272

I’m hoping one of you knowledgeable lot can help me out.

I’ve managed to get by without a remote for my 272 for years, but having recently moved house I need to temporarily turn wireless network input on. I need to activate that spanner key just once and, being really tight, I don’t want to lay out £70 for a replacement remote.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to use a “Universal” remote to activate the spanner? I’ve scoured the internet and have not managed to unearth any universal codes for the 272.

Any help gratefully received.

Ta v much!

Press & hold the ok/list button on the front panel to enter the menu.



Thanks Neil, much appreciated!

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Take the opportunity to ask while you’re on the thread Neil, where did Clare go?:thinking:

There were a few posts about this when Clare left, joined Little Red Rooster PR firm (head of audio and tech), I think they work with Focal and Naim (as well as Cambridge Audio). I don’t think it’s a secret either, Clare’s Twitter feed is clear about it, and LRR’s web page has loads of Focal and Cambridge Audio press releases on it.

If you need the manual for the 272 it’s here – and can be accessed via the links at the bottom of any Thread screen vis ‘Customer Support & Info’ (not Main Forum pages) – i.e. no need to go thru the Naim 'site. P10 onwards.

As previously posted here, Clare left the Vervent group at the beginning of the year as she had an opportunity come up with a marketing firm that was too good to let pass by. AFAIK she still does some marketing work for Vervent, but as a contractor.

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