Upcoming vinyl re-releases

Having missed out on the recent Siouxsie and the Banshees ‘Once upon a time - The Singles’ vinyl re-release and dithered about getting the Sade box set, and missed it, just wondered if there would be any merit in a forthcoming vinyl re-release thread?

I noticed the other day that Japan’s Quiet Life is getting a half-speed re-release - about £24.99 for ‘red vinyl’, more like £50 for a set with some CDs and a booklet.


Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 19.54.30

Carol King’s Tapestry is getting a 50th re-release, this is one I probably (yes, I’m not sure) don’t have and am tempted.

Apologies if some overlap with:


…though that is more generic.

Anyhow, good idea/bad idea please chip in. If bad then RD can delete.

My view is that these threads could work well together. This thread would be about sharing information about re-releases you have found out about, you might not be interested in them though. The other thread is more about your own personal wish list.

I get a regular email from Cherry Red Records about upcoming releases https://www.cherryred.co.uk/ which I find helpful in giving me more ideas about how to empty my bank account.

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I’m OK with a separate more specific vinyl-only upcoming release thread.

I’ve had the Quiet Life vinyl reissue on pre-order for quite a while. I hope it’s worth the wait…

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That was my thought - had I known about the Siouxsie re-release in advance I could have ordered when in stock, checked many times after it sold out and did not find it back in stock.

Naturally we all have different tastes, and there may only be an occasional item of interest. Probably more useful if things are going to be limited releases, but it’s not always apparent if that’s the case or not (Sade box set for example).

Banquet Records still have the Sade box set if you’re still interested.

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Superdeluxeedition dot com is worth a subscription, he doesn’t cover every release but you’ll get advance notification of upcoming rereleases and box sets.


Thanks for that, not the cheapest but certainly worth considering - a lot of these re-issues do tend to be a bit steep price wise.

I’ve got this on order - new Light in the Attic compilation of Nancy’s best (inc plenty of Nancy & Lee), newly remastered from the original master tapes by Grammy–nominated engineer John Baldwin.

Coveting those Japan releases, too, dammit! :slight_smile:


Why not merge this with the last vinyl you bought thread.
Great idea to share information on upcoming releases but wont they end up on the last vinyl thread anyway once “bought”.
I always thought the Last Vinyl… thread was a bit limited in scope, would prefer to see an all encompassing vinyl release thread and include used vinyl as well. Just my thoughts.
(@Richard.Dane ?)

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@Alley_Cat perhaps worth pointing out that forthcoming releases/pre orders do regularly get posted on the Last Vinyl thread, so there will inevitably be some overlap duplication here.

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AC, Tapestry is coming as a mofi 1 Step double 45. About £130, ouch!

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Older Mofi ultradiscs are fetching $2,000 + these days

Lovely gatefold sleeve too.


Hi Abbey Road Studios is releasing Dire Straits Brothers In Arms: Limited Edition Half-Speed Master. 0n the 19 march

I have pre ordered so I can compare with the Mofi 180g 45RPM 2LP version.


I read somewhere (Analogue Planet?) That Craft Records are going to be doing some One Step pressings.

The first title Lush Life is already sold out

Small Batch – Craft Recordings



@WolF have you done the comparison? If so what were your findings?


Hi I am still awaiting delivery, hopefully I should have it spinning over Easter.

Dave Holland Bass and Bass Guitar

Kevin Eubanks Guitar

Obed Calvaire Drums


Is there a David Sylvian box set? My Brilliant Trees vinyl is well worn, and would be nice to get some others he did with Czukay, Fripp, Summers etc.

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I don 't know about a box set, but there were a load of Sylvian vinyl reissues - Brilliant Trees, Secrets of the Beehive, Gone to Earth etc… - a couple of years back. I have most of them and they’re very good indeed.

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