Upgrade advice 52 or 552 or Radikal 1 Urika upgrade to Lp12

I hear you! Not sure many agree. But understand your point of view. Old stuff can be better.

But newer stuff I am hearing sounds clearer and can hear more music.

You have your own views. And I have mine. It sounds like you are happy with what you have.

The main thing is to enjoy your set up.

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I’m already half way there in that case, I already have an Ekos2 :sweat_smile:

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Have you ever heard of the Igel anomaly

You’re talking in riddles. What are you saying?

Yes I had the newer stuff and i agree that it sounds clearer.

Hi Dan, I’ve been through the dilemma of what next? I was listening to vinyl mainly a few years ago, then I got into streaming and went through a journey to the NDS. I was thinking about selling the Lp12 but instead decided to Supercharge it with a Supercap on the Prefix. I now have what I feel is a fairly balanced system between vinyl and streaming. It’s a good place to be as I really don’t want to push one above the other at the moment and listening to both is an absolute pleasure right now. I’m happy to leave everything as is for the next couple of years as a result. The future? I guess when I release more tax free lump sums from my pension the NDS will benefit from a used CD555PS and the LP12 from a used Radikal 1, Keel, Ekos SE and Kandid. I know which side will end up the cheapest :wink:. However, right now is what I’m focusing on and upgrades are a maybe, maybe not. Depends which way the wind blows I’m afraid. Hope you are really enjoying your music right now which is what is important. :+1:

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Great that you did find a Supercap for the Prefix,such an fantastic phono stage it is .:sparkles:

The definition of anomaly is “something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.”

Just stating that @Igel gives me the impression, reading his posts, that he seems to behave like this w.r.t. general trends in Naim equipment and the LP12, in terms of what is better.

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Thanks. He likes the old school set up. Non DR, pre cirkus. So stuff around 25 years ago or more.

Which I get.

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@anon17458420 not so anomaly to prefer Pre Cirkus with Naim equipment,I would say.

Yes there are a few others true


Definitely more than 25 years if he really means pre-Cirkus. I purchased a new LP12 with Cirkus bearing in 1995. Tempus fugit.

I’m still using the lid, hinges and outer platter from that LP12, but definitely not the bearing.

@Clive I understand that , I never got along with the Cirkus kit, the Karousel is an improvement over the Cirkus,but I preferred to go back to the Pre Cirkus.
I tried the Karousel when I had Nac52,Nac82 and Nac552/Nap500.

Dan all the best…re diagnosis - I hope all goes well… Meanwhile get a pre loved 552 dr … and enjoy. I suggest … speaking to these guys…re LP12 you can pour an enormous amount of money into an LP12… these upgrades are more cost effective and should satisfy that itch… https://www.missinglinkcables.co.uk/linn-lp-12-upgrades

Thanks. I have a pretty decent LP12 set up with Audio Origami modified Akito 1. New wiring, new bearings and other upgrades. Kore, Karousel and Lingo 1 with Dynavector 10x5 cart.

I think the cart is on the way out. Maybe last 6 months or so.

I am not into aftermarket solutions as it will degrade value and am after genuine Linn upgrades.

When I got my Lp12 it looked great. But it was in a mess. Bearings were shot on Akito. Had original bearing and armboard. Sounded okay. Kore and Cirkus inproved things and Lingo 1 upgrades.

I know what you’re saying @Igel but my Lp12 needed attention. The tonearm as minimum needed repairing. In retrospect I should have just bought an Ekos 2.

The Kore and Cirkus were an improvement too. I wanted to play 45s so getting Lingo made sense.

Not sure about Karousel yet. Not really seeing what all the fuss is about. It’s like everyone is saying how great it is. But I am not hearing it tbh. It seemed worse to start. Settling in now.

And of course dealer is saying cart is on the way out.

The Lp12 sounds pretty good now. Adjusted tracking on cart to 1.8g and sounding alot more open.

The LP12 is now sounding better. Give it time and see how it goes.

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Give it time, Dan. It takes a while to loosen up and deliver.

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I see ,good that you saved the LP12 .
Yes those Akito bearings are very often no good .
I use a Ekos II a good upgrade from Ittok and Ekos I.
Lingo 1 without filter is a fantastic power supply for the LP12 in a Naim system,I had a Lingo 4 for a while but I prefer the Lingo 1 as the music swings better.
I have a AT 33 PTG II right now ,a very good cartridge for the money.


I have got my Lingo 1 serviced without mains filter too a few years back.

I think the LP12 sounds pretty good.

Will give the Karousel time. And see how things go.

I am not spending any money on it at the moment and will enjoy it for what it is.


If you hear nothing else from the Karousel yet then you should at least be getting less background noise. If not then :thinking: :thinking::thinking:. Maybe it’s showing up your cart? I don’t really know.